Precious stones have always captured our imagination. They’ve been the pride of majestic crowns, adorned dainty jewellery and now, even made their way to the world of beauty. It’s true! After taking inspiration from greenery and spectacular rainbows, the newest hair trend on the block makes geodes its muse.

geode hair colour trend

Surprising as it may seem, geodes aren’t completely new to the beauty sphere. In fact, just a few months ago, the almost life-like recreation of crystals on lips came into being. This time around, they made their way to the hair.

geode hair colour trend for summer

Making waves as the geode hair colour trend, this colour job might just be the perfect choice for summer. Crystals aren’t replicated over the strands but serve as iridescent inspiration instead. The geode hair colour trend sees an upward transition of pastel colour from the ends of the hair while the roots are left dark. Although there have been endless colourful hairdos in recent times, this distinctive feature of geode hair differentiates it from the rest.

geode hair colour

It all began with Los Angeles based hairstylist Cherin Choi, who is famed for her spunky hairstyling and colouring work. She’s responsible for bringing popularity to the look, which is now spotted all over Instagram.

To create it, Cherin lightens the ends of the hair and leaves roots their natural hair colour. Over the mid-tones and ends, she works between shades of amethyst, moonstone and violet to truly imbibe the crystal’s colour notes. Finally, her finishing step is using her hands with a brush to blend well for seamless hair colour. Especially for daring brunettes, geode hair colour is the trend that you need to sport this summer.

Image Credits: Pinterest, Instagram