Bb Trend Alert—Hair Marbling

Written by Dayle PereiraSep 18, 2018
BB Trend Alert—Hair Marbling
Inspiration can strike anywhere—this is as true for muralists and painters as it is for makeup artists and hair colourists. In the past, we’ve seen trends inspired by the sunset and those inspired by confetti so it was only a matter of time before we grazed the surface(quite literally) and found a trend that took inspiration from marble, one of the most popular materials for surfaces. The hair trend it’s inspired—hair marbling—has been trending on Social Media for a while now. Replicating the glorious finish of marble, this gorgeous hair colour and its iconic marbleised design has beauty enthusiasts hooked!

hair marbling technique

Don’t be mistaken! Hair marbling is more than just another hair colour doing the rounds. Inspired by the signature veins of marble, it involves an intricate hair colour technique whose outcome is multi-coloured waves running through the length of the hair.

hair marbling technique

The hair trend was started by hair colourist Ash Fortis who has often found inspiration in nail art. So when quartz nails made headlines a while back, Ash reinvented the pattern, used hair as a canvas and created marbled hair. Fortis has no set formula to get this look and instead relies more on technique. She applies hair colour in a wavy pattern over a foil sheet coated in shaving cream, then places hair sections within the foil and allows them to soak in the hair colour.

hair marbling technique

The upside of the hair marbling trend is that it can be customised as per each client’s requirements. Since it requires a fair amount of expertise, hair marbling is best carried out by professionals like the colourists at the Lakmé Salon.
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Image Credits: Bobitbeauty, Salon Magazine, GorJez, Hair Solutions of Tampa, Allure

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