In addition the runway mania—this season at Lakmé Fashion Week we were privy to some seriously cool shows and set-ups. Everything from the LFW apartment—where guests could sip on fresh cocktails, chit-chat with Cory Walia and try on some of the trendiest clothes to the Lakmé Nail Salon where you get to not only paint your talons but also bedazzle them with shimmer and sparkle. One such show that caught our eye, was the ‘Show Stopping Hair’ Collection—with hair styled by Lakmé Salon’s Shailesh Moolya and clothes by Little Shlipa. Take a look at how exactly they wowed us.

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In a week, where we’ve been immersed in the world of fashion—minimalist, sleek and high-styled, this season, hair made a statement of its own. And putting that extra emphasis on hair, this season, was the Show Stopping Collection—which brought out, through and eclectic show, the best of the hair trends to the Indian runway.

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The show aimed to change our perception of hair fashion in India, by bringing to the fore, creative, trendy, hair styles. Conceptualized and crafted by Lakmé Salon’s experts with international hairstyle maestro Winnie Loo, and styled by designer Little Shilpa.

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The collection included three themes. First up, was illusion: inspired by the natural phenomenon of the ‘Northern Lights’, the line was a playful fusion of colours. Next up was the metamorphosis theme, inspired by the complex art forms of postmodern Paris. The collection presented a line of dual hairstyles and textures ranging from straight and curly, to short and long. And finally, the show concluded with Moulin Rouge: a modern take on the ‘classic elegant’ with bouffants and waves.

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Shailesh Moolya—the national hair trainer of Lakmé Salons stated: “The Lakmé Salon’s have been the backstage experts at Lakmé Fashion Week since its inception, and through the ‘Show Stopping Hair’ collection, this expertise in hair styling will be the focus on the ramp. By introducing the latest looks and trends that are making waves internationally, we aim to create excitement on the Indian runway like never before. We have created styles that are avant-garde as well as conventional, keeping in mind women with various hair lengths, personalities, professions.”

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Little Shilpa added: “Lakmé Salon and I share a common belief that “Fashion goes beyond clothing”. I was delighted when I got the opportunity to style the ‘Show Stopping Hair’ collection for them as their vision of making Indian women runway ready, matches perfectly with my fashion style and statement.”