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Written by Chandni GhoshSep 14, 2016
Think you’re the kind who gets bored of hairdos too often and likes playing with your hair every now and then? Add some glitter to your hair! To know what we’re talking about read on.
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Ain’t no girl who doesn’t like sparkle, right? Now, thanks to this new trend you can add sparkle to your hair! This trend involves sprinkling glitter at the roots of your hair—you could try a bun with a middle parting or even leave your hair poker straight and then add sparkle along the parting. But if you don’t wish to try out a parting or a hairstyle, you can splatter the glitter all over your hair. But don’t go overboard with the glitter as the subtler, the better.

How it’s done

Choose your hairstyle and part your hair accordingly be it in a braid or a bun as the sparkle will be easier to sprinkle with these hairdos. You can also use a hair glitter chalk if you wish to. After having chosen the glitter, mix some of it with a hair gel of your choice so pasting becomes simple. If you’re using a chalk you can directly apply the chalk on the parting. But if you’re using glitter, use a makeup brush to paint the roots of your hair along the parting. You need not bother if it’s not perfectly done—it could be slightly uneven too as the idea is to just have some fun with sparkle and achieve glittery hair. So what do you say, girls? To sparkle or not to sparkle?

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