Bb Trend Alert—Boxer Braids

Written by Dayle PereiraOct 17, 2018
BB Trend Alert—Boxer Braids
On days when you’re raring to go and decide to hit the gym, have you wondered how to wear your hair without looking frumpy? Of course, a quick bun would do the trick but it definitely wouldn’t add any pizazz to your exercise ensemble. So the next time you’re in this fix, the latest hair trend is just one click away.

step by step guide for getting boxer braid hairstyle

Boxer braids have hit the beauty spectrum and how! They first made their appearance as the hairstyle of choice for Hilary Swank as the victorious boxer in Million Dollar Baby back in 2004. More than a decade later, this hairstyle trend has made waves all over the internet. Not only that, the hairstyle has struck gold with celebrities all over the world.

step by step guide for getting boxer braid hairstyle

The Kardashian sisters love to pair theirs with bodycon silhouettes for a contrasting athleisure. The ever trendy Hailey Baldwin works her model-esque look to the hilt with the popular hairstyle. Always one to experiment, Katy Perry makes evening wear look stunning by sporting the dual braids. Whether they are hitting the track or shooting a beauty editorial, there isn’t a soul who isn’t getting their boxer braid on!

step by step guide for getting boxer braid hairstyle

If you want to get on the boxer braid bandwagon too, here’s how…

Step 1

Start by washing and conditioning your hair with the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner. Enriched with Keratin, this duo will leave your hair feeling frizz-free and smoother than ever!

Step 2

Then proceed to part your hair in the centre so that it is divided into two sections on either side of your head. Take each section and further divide it into three more sections.

Step 3

Using the same technique as you would for a Dutch braid, place the outermost section under the one in the centre section and add hair from underneath the braid to it. Continue to do so for both sides and do this until you’ve completed the braid on one side of your head.

Step 4

Carry out the same Dutch braiding motion on the other side of your head until all your hair is used up and tie the braids with an elastic tie.

There you go! You’re all set to look sporty chic with your boxer braids.

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