The year 2015 has given us quite the rainbow of hair trends to try, no pun intended. They verge from the outlandish (I’m talking about you, sunset hair!) to the demure and while they are gorgeous to discover and look as pretty as a picture, we opt for more wearable trends when we are in the colourists chair.

The new hair colour trend on the block falls in this category—it’s chic, it’s appropriate for brunettes too and it’s highly wearable for a day in or night out!

We’re talking about Cherry Bombré which is all set to bring a change in the world of hair colour.

By combining the forces of the red hot shade of cherry bomb and the now hair department staple ombré, Cherry Bombré was born with deep cherry reds interwoven within the hair.
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Coined by Hollywood celebrity hair colorist Beth Minardi, Cherry Bombré is intended to be subtle take on stark, bright red shades. Shunning highlights, this latest hair colour trend uses lowlights in red tones and a gradation pattern to add dimension to your hairstyle, without taking it a notch too far ahead.

Why everyone loves it

The standout feature of this look is how it works magically for all skin tones from the porcelain to the dusky although it can be adjusted based on preference. Since this look uses minimal dye and hair colour, the process of growing out the hair requires less touch-ups, which will transition easily.

Get it and keep it

Maintain the deep vibrancy of the cherry tones by using the BedHead by TIGI Colour Goddess Miracle Treatment Mask which smoothen your cuticles and condition your hair while keeping the tones rich as ever! Minardi herself highly suggests Cherry Bombré as the go-to hair trend for brunettes with layered and non-layered styles for the best hair colour this season.

Image Credits: Pretty Hairstyles, Kardinlakublu, Salted and Styled