There’s no doubt in our mind that when the festive season comes around; nothing pleases us quite as much the chill in the weather, all too many weddings before us and our new obsession—pumpkin spice. We’ve had it in our lattes and even added it to our beauty routine so naturally, the next place to incorporate the essence of this flavour is in our hair, just as dictated by the new hair colour trend for this season.

We’ve seen the like of many trends for our tresses, some outlandish and some subdued. Before you wonder how far the influence of the cosy beverage has reached, there’s just something that sets apart the Pumpkin Spice hair colour trend apart from every other. The tones of the hair colour are vibrant and rich, which makes for the best hair colour this autumn. It isn’t OTT as it comprises of strong yet subtle shades which are wearable for all kinds of hair tones.
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The Pumpkin Spice hair falls somewhere in between tones of gingersnap and auburn and comprises of a healthy mix of copper and gold tones with hints of caramel. The degree of the tones can be adjusted according to one’s preference for a blend that looks as gorgeous as the esteemed pumpkin spice latte.

Make sure you specify exactly the look you are going for to your hair colourist and preferably, even a picture can help give them an idea of what you are requesting for.

As part of your post colouring care, use a shampoo that will give your hair the care it needs. The BedHead by TIGI Colour Goddess Oil Infused Shampoo and Conditioner is just what you need as it prevents fading and retains the rich tones of your hair colour. While the Pumpkin Spice trend can be donned globally all through your hair, there is always the option of trying the trend as highlights or in an ombre style.

Credits: IDigitalTimes