Trends are a funny thing. While some lean towards subtlety, there are others that are wild, wacky and simply bizarre. The new trend heating up the hair sphere falls in this second bracket.

The craze around unicorns is nothing new simply because the popularity of the fictional creature has ventured far and wide. Unicorn merchandise is a popular seller already while the demand for an emoji of the equestrian led to its creation. If you’re a unicorn lover, you’re in luck! That’s because the love for the fictitious horned animal has now reached new heights.

hairstyle trend unicorn horn

A hair trend called the unicorn horn is galloping its way into the hearts and Instagram feeds of beauty lovers. Quite literally, the trend involves the creation of a unicorn horn on the top of the head.

hair trend unicorn horn

Its first appearance happens to be in YouTuber Venus Angelic video tutorial in 2012.

In 2013, Bianca Tuovi created this ‘My Little Pony’ hairdo for Sophia Webster’s AW 2013 presentation that resembled this current hair rage.

While the unicorn hair trend can look dreamy and make for a cute hairstyle, we highly doubt its transition to wearability.

hair trends unicorn horn

However, if you’re feeling brave enough to take a swing at getting the unicorn hairstyle on the top of your head, we’ll show you how…

Start by taking your hair from your hairline to your crown into a section at the top of your head. Since voluminous hair is key for this look, backcomb the section with a teaser brush and spray the BedHead by TIGI Superstar Queen For A Day on it to make your hair big and bountiful.

Then create a medium sized loop with your hair by tying half of the ponytail with a hair elastic. Using your Toni & Guy Glamour Firm Hold Hairspray, spritz it on your loop to make a firm base.

Then take your remaining hair from the loop and beginning from the bottom, wrap it around the loop of hair. Keep wrapping it around in a conical structure so that it starts as a thick base but ends up with a point. Once done, pin your hair in place and spray your horn with hairspray thoroughly for a magical yet firm look.

Image Credits: Daily Mail, Feel Unique, Amazon