Peach tones have been having a moment in 2017. Innumerable eyeshadow palettes in honeysuckle shades have been launched and nectarine toned makeup has taken over the runway. Even makeup mogul Kylie Jenner has flaunted peach lips and cheeks in her recent appearances. So it was only a matter of time until the peach toned beauty trend made its way to the hair colour world in vibrant, neon shades.

neon peach hair colour

Yes neon peach hair is here and we couldn’t be any happier! The recent crop of hair colour trends like hair marbling has showcased a multi-hued bed of lustrous hair. In that respect, the neon peach hair colour trend is a breath of fresh air on the scene.

neon peach hair

The trend includes an almost highlighter-like shade of neon coral being globally coloured through the hair from root to tip. No lowlights, no streaks—just a head full of vibrant peach hair colour tones. If you’re looking to turn heads when you walk into a room, this hair trend will not fail you. Like most viral beauty trends, this one too has begun cropping up all over social media.

neon peach hair colour look

The neon peach hair colour trend is the brainchild of LA based hair colourist, Jessica Jewel. To begin, she first dyes the client’s hair platinum blonde. The distinctive highlighter tone of this hair trend is a specific mix of bright pink and orange which she then works into the bare canvas of the hair. The result? Strikingly vibrant hair that will ensure your look is never dull again.

Image Credits: Pinterest, PopSugar, Woman Daily Magazine