For centuries, pearls have captivated us. From the string of pearls Holly Golightly flaunted in Breakfast at Tiffany’s to the glistening ones topping the Crown Jewels, they’ve been the symbol of sophistication since the beginning of time. While pearls continue to mesmerise us in beauty and fashion, they are now also making their way into the hair colour sphere.

pearl hair colour

If you’re thinking of hairstyles embellished with pearl hair combs and pins, you’re a bit cold. While pearls are known for their incredible elegance, their debut as hair colour inspiration is sassier than ever before. Just like the many hair colour trends before it, pearl hair colour is marked by multi-hued pastel tones and its signature pearlescent finish.

pearl hair colour look

One look on social media is all you need to find numerous ladies flaunting hair in muted ashy tones with incredibly shiny, metallic finishes. While the trend is catching on quickly with beauty lovers, it’s not a pop in and get done in an hour kinda hair colour job. For it to shine to its fullest, pearl hair requires a base of light blonde strands that are free from warm undertones. From there, light reflecting pigments are built into the tresses to give them that stunning shine.

pearl hair colour for any skin tone

The best part of this hair colour trend is how it suits just about any skin tone. Since the pigments used in pearl hair can be customised based on the clients requirement, it can be created accordingly. Don’t mistake this hair colour trend for a low-maintenance one as it requires a purple toning shampoo to keep brassiness at bay and constant conditioning for that shine to remain intact.

So if you’re willing to make a colour commitment, this is surely something you can try for the new season.

Image Credits: Teen Vogue, Pop Sugar, Pinterest, Hair Ministry