Despite diverse traditions, cultures, and locations, brides the world over unanimously agree—that wedding hairstyles are as crucial as the makeup and trousseau. Whether you possess luscious, thick locks or a fine, scanty mane, a simple hair bun or a dressed-up bun hairstyle is an elegant, hassle-free option. Check out these 5 tips n' tricks on how to increase hair volume for your bridal hairstyle

Pump up the Volume for Your Wedding Hair  

Here is how to get volume in your hair on your big day so, you could go all out without having to worry about your hairstyle. 

1. The Foam Doughnut 

Pump up the Volume for Your Wedding Hair

A favourite among stylists, a foam doughnut is nothing but a fake bun, around which the hair is pinned. Start by brushing the hair backwards. Next, tie your hair into a ponytail, either high or low depending on where you wish to place the bun. Snap the doughnut around the ponytail band. Take sections of the ponytail and begin smoothing hair over the doughnut to hide it. Tuck the ends underneath the foam and secure them with bobby pins. Tweak and cover in case parts of the doughnut are visible. Spritz some hair spray onto the bun to prevent sections from coming loose. Decorate with flowers, stones or glitter! 

2. Shampoos, Conditioners and Sprays 

Pump up the Volume for Your Wedding Hair

Also known as 'root-boosters', certain shampoos and hairsprays are designed specifically to add volume to hair, as they provide structure and support. We love the TRESemmé Thick and Full Shampoo which is the best volumizing shampoo for thin hair. It helps reinforce your hair strength and prevents hair fall due to breakage. It is enriched with the goodness of Biotin and Wheat Protein; the formula is scientifically constituted to give you stronger and thicker-looking hair with every wash.  

Pump up the Volume for Your Wedding Hair

Follow it up with the TRESemmé Thick and Full Conditioner that contains Biotin and Wheat Protein to give you thicker and fuller hair with each wash. Apply an adequate amount from mid-length to ends and leave it on for 2-3 minutes and rinse thoroughly. 

Next, use a hair volume spray designed for fine hair. Make sure the hair is damp, and apply it all over your hair. Once dry, do up the 'boosted' hair into a bun hairstyle of your choice. Finish off by spritzing some water onto the completed bun to make it damp, and re-apply the hairspray to add volume to your hair! 

3. Hair Extensions 

Pump up the Volume for Your Wedding Hair

To increase hair volume hair extensions are perfect for those with short hair, dramatically increasing the amount of hair available to work with. Begin by tying the hair into a half ponytail, leaving the end rolled up in the elastic to create a small, neat bun. Secure the area around it with bobby pins. Now, take the hair extension, roll it up and twist it into a doughnut-shaped bun, placing this onto your existing bun. Secure with more bobby pins. Spray a medium-hold hairspray onto the hair, and decorate your easy bun hairdo with hair accessories of your choice. Voila! 

4. Back-Combing 

Pump up the Volume for Your Wedding Hair

If you want to know how to get volume in hair naturally, this is the one for you. It's no secret that back-combing lends volume to your hair. Instead of a sharp comb, choose a large paddle brush to create soft volume and avoid damaging the hair. Start by back-brushing the top layers of the hair, and continue working in sections. Hold each section taut and away from the head, and brush downward towards the roots in brisk strokes. Spray each back-brushed section with hairspray to hold it in place. Now simply twist the hair into your chosen bun style and re-apply the hairspray to complete the look. Easy-breezy! 

5. Curling 

Pump up the Volume for Your Wedding Hair

Curling your hair will give it both height and body. Use hot curlers or a curling iron to make large curls. Now pin up the top-most part of the hair and divide the rest into sections. Starting from the bottom up, twirl thin sections of hair around 2 fingers to a make pin-curl. Use bobby pins to secure them. You may leave a bit of the ends as they will curl automatically. Once done with one section, move on to the next and repeat until all the hair is curled into a pin-curl bun. See to it that the curls aren't in a straight line. Tweak the crown and leave 2 flyaway strands on the sides of the face for an elegant look. Done! 

FAQs about Adding Volume for Your Wedding Hair   

What should I do to make my wedding hair look thicker? 

The best way to achieve your dream hairstyle is by using hair extensions if you feel like your hair needs a boost. The best thing to do if you don't want to wear your hair up is to add texture to it so it looks fuller. Your hair will look thicker on your wedding day if you have loose curls or beach waves. 

What can I do to fix my thin hair for my wedding? 

If you want your thin hair to be thicker, apply some hair volume mousse and a thickening blow-dry product such as a lotion. You can then add volume to your hair by using a blow dryer to give it a little more body. A Velcro or heated roller can be used to create volumizing curls if you want to create curls with volume. Use a vented brush to add body to your hair, or use a bristle brush to smooth it out. 

What increases hair volume? 

Besides being a lifesaver when it comes to your hair in-between washes, hair volume products such as dry shampoo can also help increase the volume of your hair after a wash. Be sure to spray a dry shampoo 8-12 inches away from the roots of your mane. After that, gently massage it into your scalp to distribute it evenly.