Read This Before You Get Bangs!

Written by Girija NaiksatamOct 03, 2016
We’re closet Francophiles, which implies that we love stripes and we love bangs. However, after an enthusiastic Saturday afternoon trim in sunny April we spent the next few months dealing with the many side effects of bangs – the kind that no one tells you about. If you’re considering getting them soon, here’s a quick, honest heads-up…

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The high maintenance category
Most of the girls who wear bangs make them look so effortless, but we think that no one, not even the French, can swear that they wake up with their bangs looking fab. While you can do whatever you want with the rest of your hair, your bangs will demand that you spend time to make them look stunning – combing, conditioning and ironing (yes, they can be that stubborn) is what you need to sign up for.

read this before you get bangs monthly trims 430x550

Tame your expectations
If you’ve decided to get them just because you saw them on Pinterest or on a celebrity, think again. Just like makeup, bangs may not look just as good once you get them even if your stylist has done a fab job. It can be the shape of your face or the way your hair turns when it’s super short – Either way, we’re telling you that your hair has a mind of its own so don’t be too disappointed if they don’t turn out the way you want them to.

read this before you get bangs monthly trims 430x550

Prep for forehead acne
We know there isn’t a memo out on this one so we’re telling you here – there is a direct correlation between acne and bangs. It’s simple, when you have hair falling on your forehead and beads of sweat on your skin, even two days of going without a hair wash can make for a deadly combination of dry skin or worse, dandruff, depositing itself on your forehead. Over time, this results in a bad case of acne. An easy solution (apart from washing your hair regularly) is to pin your hair back whenever you can. While it might look geeky, it’ll do you and your skin some serious good.

read this before you get bangs monthly trims 430x550

Schedule monthly trims
If you’re the kind who visits the salon once in six months, gear up for monthly visits to the salon the day you get bangs. If they aren’t perfect, and by that we mean that lovely straight line that rests just above your brows, they’ll tend to look like a late night rash decision gone wrong. So be prepared to become such good friends with your stylist (chocolate usually helps,) that you might not even have to pay for your third trim.

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