Should You Colour Your Hair In The Monsoon And Other Awesome Expert Tips

Written by Girija NaiksatamOct 03, 2016
When the monsoon comes around there are a ton of to-dos and not-to-dos doing the rounds, especially when it comes to haircare. We’re pretty well versed with the hot oil massages, hair spas, hair washes and scalp care routine, but what about colouring your hair in the monsoon? To colour or to wait until summer rolls in is a very popular debate. To put all our doubts to rest once and for all, we spoke with expert Swarnalekha Gupta.
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BB: We’ve heard that the monsoon isn’t the best time for our hair. What should we (and our hair) be looking out for?
Swarnalekha: Yes, the monsoons can be quite harsh on our hair, that’s why it needs all the extra care possible during these months. It’s that time of the year when our hair turns frizzy, the scalp gets super greasy and overall, our hair looks dull, limp and lifeless thanks to the excess moisture in the air.

BB: We’ve been warned about not using too much heat styling or hair products during the rains. Does the same go for hair colour?
Swarnalekha: I’m of the opinion that colouring your hair has nothing to do with the monsoon or what it does to your hair. On the other hand, I think that a funky hair colour can actually brighten up a gloomy monsoon day. For example, ombre hair or highlights all over your head can actually look quite cool. I just had my hair coloured and love the pop it adds to my overall look!

BB: So if we do decide to colour our hair, what are the things we should keep in mind? Any words of advice?
Swarnalekha: Yes, it’s perfectly ok to colour your hair even in the monsoon but one must always remember that no matter what the season, excess colouring and highlights expose your hair to too many chemicals, which can then result in pre-mature greying and dryness. The same thing goes for too much heat styling and hair products. So, you can definitely choose a funky hair colour to add some zeal to your appearance but remember, whatever experimentation you do, you’ve got to do it in moderation.

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