If you want to go experimental and try out a buzz cut, here is the way to do it – the Kylie Jenner way. Kylie Jenner, of the Kardashian/Jenner brood is known to experiment and play around with her tresses. Whether it is dip-dyeing her hair blue or green or whether it involves cutting it real short, she keeps reinventing herself.
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We may all not have the guts or the glory that goes along with this boldness. Let’s face it, in doing so, most might get looks of craziness and gasps of shocks as to why you would ever attempt something like that. But for those marginally inclined towards ferocity, this buzz cut is the perfect cover-up actually.

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Why? That’s because Kylie, very smartly has the buzz cut only the under layer that grows by the nape of her neck. Rocker chic.

kylie jenner latest buzz haircut 430x550

But if you have to go work the next day and not get fired, all you have to do is leave the rest of your tresses down and they will cover up the buzz cut completely – almost like it never happened.

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How to wear your buzz cut?

A top knot shows of your rebellious side perfectly, highlighting your buzz cut, while leaving your tresses free-flowing bringing you back to the girl-next-door look that you embody as well.

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Photos credit: Kylie Jenner Instagram