We know what it’s like to stand in our friends shoes, quite literally too, but what’s it like to wear their hair? Would you welcome their waves or curse their curls? We found two friends who were willing to swap their tresses for a day. Here’s what we did…
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You’ll rarely find our curly haired model Alyssa wearing her long tresses any other way. She’s never really felt the need to change her hair no matter what the occasion. She’s withstood the pressure and craze for poker straight hair that seemed to have swallowed everyone whole a few years ago.And of course, we love her for that.

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We must admit, we don’t usually like curly gone straight (mostly, because it looks so artificial and unnatural) but we loved the way Alyssa’s hair turned out. The change in volume didn’t really affect her overall look a great deal. Lucky girl, not many people have the body and face structure to carry off voluminous curls as well as poker straight without a change in wardrobe. “I do prefer my curly hair because straight hair seems a little less ‘fun,’ but it’s a nice change, nonetheless,” says Alyssa.

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Our girl Laura has always been the subject of serious hair envy. She’s got super long, straight hair that could easily be mistaken for an ironing job done all too well and an infectious smile to go with it. Observation: Contrary to what we first thought, Laura’s long hair doesn’t tower over her petite frame, it adds length to her profile.

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Straight hair is so coveted and yet, can easily get monotonous. Adding some curls is probably the easiest and the most effective way to play it up. Our model loved her look, commenting, “Yes I loved the new look because it’s something different. I usually prefer my hair straight because it’s so easy to maintain but after this shoot I’m sure I’ll go curly again if I’m headed to a dressy affair!”