Walk the delicious route to impeccable health with the cantaloupe. Also known as the musk-melon, it is a super-fruit from the gourd family and is known for its nutritive properties. It’s juiciness and sweet-as-honey taste makes it the perfect substitute for a sugary treat as it contains just 50 calories! What’s even better is that 89% of a cantaloupe is made up of water so this super-fruit really is the ideal pick to give your day a refreshing boost.
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Eating this fibre-rich fruit that  is full of potassium can lower the risk of heart attacks and strokes. The high levels of Vitamin C keeps you naturally healthy! The bright orange of the cantaloupe means that the delicious fruit is full of beta-carotene which prevents cancer and keeps your eyes alert and healthy. The icing on the cake is that our bodies convert this beta-carotene to Vitamin A which whisks away free radicals, makes your skin glow and clears away acne.

Cantaloupes have also been used to treat dehydration. So the next time you’re feeling a little sick or just getting over the flu, opt for cantaloupe whose potassium, magnesium, and vitamin content makes it an excellent choice.

If you’re working in an environment that is constantly exposing you to second-hand smoke, this wonder-fruit can help you out. Carcinogens in cigarettes create a Vitamin A deficiency in the body that cantaloupe can re-stock. When you start replacing Vitamin A by eating foods that are rich in it, the deficiency is reversed and you lower your risks of developing lung disease.

Musk-melon truly is the  star fruit this season! While it makes for an excellent, delectable treat it also contains a number of beauty benefits, whether you’re looking to lose weight or keeping your skin positively radiant.