“Who cares about length anymore, strong cuts and colour composition are ruling the roost”, claimed Ralf Boss as he discussed global hair trends with Team BB. The overall verdict? 2015 will see some serious styling for hair of every length and texture. Colour too takes center stage, something Ralf definitely doesn’t recommend for the faint-hearted. Here are some outtakes from our conversation with him…

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BB: What are the major global hair trends for 2015?
Ralf: Inspired by fashion, music and street style, 2015 revolves around shorter and stronger haircuts and pantone shades.  In terms of cuts, we’re talking bobs and shorter layers on the crown with longer hair underneath. As far as colour is concerned think wine red, cool copper, ash and funky greens, purples and oranges. According to me, layers in varied colours for depth and drama would make for an interesting and bold look.

BB: And for Indian skin tones, what colour trends do you predict?
Ralf: Since the Indian skin undertone is generally warmer, I’d suggest opting for cooler hair colours like purple, wine red and cool copper to balance the look. Orange is a no-no since it matches the undertone. To put the equation simply – warmer undertones work with cooler colours.

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BB: Must-have TIGI products for Indian hair?
Ralf: Products that fight against the humidity! Indians should use more styling products – I’d recommend the TIGI Bed Head After Party Smoothing Cream for silky, shiny and healthy looking hair, the TIGI Bed Head Hard Head Hair Spray to fix the style and the Superstar Queen For A Day Thickening Spray for hair thickening.

BB: The one piece of advice you’d want to give Indian women about hair is…
Ralf: Since hair is an extension and reflection of one’s personality, I think all women should spare about ten minutes every morning to style it and do it well. When hair is done well with the right kind of clothes and makeup it can definitely alter your look.

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BB: The styling products you absolute cannot do without are…
Ralf: Hair waxes and texturisers! They’re my favourites. When it comes to my own hair I like to follow trends while maintaining the volume and texture of my hair.