Day 4 of the Lakmé Fashion Week W/F 2018 had a lot of inspired hair trends, from a revival of childhood accessories like ribbons and the 80s trend of crimping to the latest 'glass hair' trend.

Here is the top five BB picks...
(braids payal singhal)

Braids at Payal Singhal

Lakmé Salon and Payal Singhal’s 'The Show Stopping Bride' had small, individual sections of hair braided, and these braids were again fashioned into various styles for a contemporary-boho look.

(Glass hair pankaj and nidhi)

Glass hair at Pankaj and Nidhi

The Pankaj and Nidhi show had the models showing off the latest international hair trend, 'glass hair'. Here, hair is smoothened and straightened to an almost glossy perfection. It is coated with serum so it looks shiny and reflective.

(ribboned braids yogesh choudhary)

Ribboned braids at Yogesh Choudhary

Hair at Surendri by Yogesh Chaudhary had a very interesting element. Long pieces of fabric were used as ribbons and threaded into braids. Some models were also seen wearing the lotus flower on the crown of their hair.

(crimp half full curve)

Crimped hair at Half Full Curve

The hair at Half Full Curve saw the 80s and 90s trend of crimped hair make a comeback. We had forgotten how good it can look and we sure hope this trend is here to stay.

(red fronds at SVA)

Red flower fronds at SVA

SVA by Sonam and Paras Modi saw delicate fronds of red baby breath being inter-woven into the hair. It looked so elegant that we cannot wait to try this out ourselves! Who knew bouquet fillers like baby breath could be such a style statement!