5 Yoga Asanas You Can Do Before You Start Your Wfh Day

Written by Sumona BoseSep 16, 2023
5 yoga asanas you can do before you start your WFH day

Working from home during the COVID-19 lockdown can start feeling draining after a couple of days. Even though we are at home, the lack of physical activity and change of scene can lead to boredom. This affects our capacity to mentally recharge for a new day of work. We suggest a quick yoga sesh to jump-start your day to fix that issue.

These set of 5 postures flow into one another seamlessly and can be done in under 10 minutes. Squeeze the routine before you head to your workstation at home and notice the difference in your productivity from day one!


Start with a simple table-top posture

Transition into a side plank posture

We’re going to preface this by saying that it is always good to start any kind of yoga routine with a couple of deep breaths. Once you are done with that, get into a simple table-top posture and hold it while taking deep breaths. Keep your back straight and core tight. This posture creates heat and warms up your spine. Maintain your balance while holding the position, it will calm your mind.


Go into the cat-cow posture

Transition into a side plank posture

From the table-top, go into the cat-cow posture. Start by curving your spine downwards, throw your head back and take a deep breath. Release this posture into a ‘cow’ by curbing your spine upwards and tucking your chin in; breathing out. Repeat this for 15 sets while making sure your shoulders are always above your wrists and your neck is not strained.


End with the downward dog posture

Transition into a side plank posture

Once you are done loosening up the spine in the cat-cow posture, go into a downward-facing dog posture. This posture is one of the most rejuvenating yoga positions out there. It delivers fresh blood to your brain, gets the heart pumping, is a good stretch for the spine and a default relaxation pose for further asanas.


Ease into the knee-to-nose posture

Transition into a side plank posture

From the downward-facing dog, get into this core-centric asana. Take a deep breath, start by bringing your right knee to nose, contract the core and hold. Release the leg back to the mat by breathing in. Do the same with your left leg. This posture helps work out the thighs, tighten the bum and strengthen the shoulders.


Transition into a side plank posture

Transition into a side plank posture

Finish the routine with a quick and easy side plank. Put your weight onto the right hand and the outer edge of the right foot. Stack your left leg on top of the right and extend the left hand to the ceiling. Repeat on the other side as well. Release all of this in a minute-long Shavasana (just lie on your back and breathe); feel the readiness in your body to get up and get things done!

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