Get The Look: Sonakshi Sinha's Fresh-Faced 'Shaadi Guest' Makeup

Written by Sumona BoseSep 16, 2023
Get the look: Sonakshi Sinha's fresh-faced 'shaadi guest' makeup

No matter what kind of makeup skill set you possess, everybody has their one favourite look that they can do any number of times, even in a mad rush! Celebrities are no different and Sonaksh Sinha’s recent ‘shaadi guest’ glam posts are proof of that. The actress is right now playing the offscreen role of a fashionable ‘shaadi guest’ and opted for the same, fresh-faced, makeup look for the ceremonies. Guess we now know what Sonakshi likes to do when she is her own one woman glam team. This is how you can create her ‘no-makeup’ makeup look...

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How to:

Step 01: Prep We have noticed that Sonakshi is a fan of a clear, even-toned complexion. You can chalk up her flawless base to proper skin prep with a hydrating moisturiser for the soft glow, and a lightweight primer that works towards covering minor imperfections. The Lakme Absolute Blur Perfect Primer can help you recreate Sona’s matte, budge-proof base.

Step 02: Foundation Once your skin is nicely prepped, go in with foundation. To recreate Sonakshi’s second-skin foundation finish, opt for a formula like the Lakme Invisible Finish SPF 8 Foundation - it is sheer enough to let your natural skin show and gives extra sun protection for daytime functions.

Step 03: Concealer For Sonakshi’s lit-from-the-centre glow, go in with a liquid concealer on your under eyes, down the bridge of your nose, and the centre of your forehead and chin. Use an illuminating formula for the Lakme Absolute White Intense Liquid Concealer and blend it out with a damp beauty blender for a uniform finish.

Step 04: Eyes The only statement detail in Sonakshi’s look are the bold brows and winged liner that are bringing in some drama. Opt for a clean yet intense brow fill with the Lakme Absolute Micro Brow Perfecter. For the clean wing tips, use an easily controllable and precise tool like the Lakme Eyeconic Liner Pen Fine Tip.

Step 05: Lips Finish off the look with the Lakme Absolute 3D Lipstick - British Brown for a shiny matte finish. Add a dainty bindi to the mix if you want to add a traditional detail to your wedding season makeup look.

Image courtesy: @aslisona

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