VJ Anusha is a fashion, makeup and lifestyle influencer. But that’s not the only things she’s known for. Anusha’s gorgeous skin, which she loves flaunting on Instagram, is simply breathtaking. She’s one of the few celebrities who is often spotted without makeup or in minimal makeup looks that highlight her best features.

And since minimal makeup is all the rage in 2021, we decided to turn to birthday girl Anusha Dandekar for lessons on minimal makeup. Here’s what we learned….


01. Ditch the nude and embrace pink

Ditch the nude and embrace pink

Nude lipsticks are the ultimate minimal makeup staple, but when you decide to go bare-faced like Anusha, a warm pink lipstick is the way to go. Gorgeous long locks and a pink pout is a lethal combination and perfect for a day look.

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02. Look wide awake with a coat of mascara

Look wide awake with a coat of mascara

A bare face can sometimes make you look like you’ve overslept or not slept at all. An easy way to look wide awake is by applying a few coats of mascara to your lashes like Anusha. Pair it with your favourite nude lipstick or lip balm, and you’re good to go.

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03. Get glowing

Get glowing

Another way to embrace minimal makeup is by investing in a good highlighter. It can completely change your makeup game and highlight your best features. We love how Anusha looks like a glowing goddess with a nude lipstick, mascara and lots of highlighter.

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04. Use lipstick as eyeshadow

Use lipstick as eyeshadow

Whether you decide to go bare face or apply light base makeup, here’s a minimal makeup trick from Anusha that will give you the perfect no-makeup makeup look. Simply use your favourite nude lipstick and dab a little bit of it on your eyelids for a subtle monochrome makeup look!

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05. Wear shimmer eyeshadow like it's NBD

Wear shimmer eyeshadow like it's NBD

You’re allowed to go a little OTT once in a while, even if minimal makeup is your new style. Take cues from Anusha and dab a little bit of shimmer eyeshadow on the inner corner of your eyes to elevate the look in seconds.

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All image courtesy: @vjanusha