How to find the best hair parting for your face shape

Written by Urvi DalalNov 15, 2019

One really simple and low maintenance way to change the way you look and break out of a hair rut is to simply switch your hair parting. You have no idea how much this simple change can make a difference to your look, especially if you have been rocking the same parting for years. Trust us, the compliments will pour in!

But choosing the right hair part or even switching it up is not as simple as it sounds; there are a few things you need to consider before you make the switch. And the shape of your face is one of the key factors.

Here’s a simple guide on how to choose the best hair parting according to your face shape.

Round faces

Since the shape of your face is round and chubby, you should try a centre part. This is because a centre part will ensure that your hair falls evenly on both sides and that will give the illusion of an elongated face. But if you think this is a bit too stark, then consider getting light, wispy bangs that will draw attention downward.

Square faces

A side parting adds the perfect amount of glamour to square face shapes.  But ensure that you stick to a soft, side-swept part with a slight fringe as this will add instant softness to your face. Don’t make the part too deep as that will accentuate the angles on your square face.

Oval faces

When it comes to experimenting with different hair partings, girls with an oval-shaped face are in luck. This is because any parting looks great on this face shape. So go ahead and switch your hair part on a regular basis. 

Heart faces

The best parting for a heart-shaped face is definitely a slight side part. This parting is less dramatic than both middle parts and deep side parts. Start by parting your hair slightly to the left or right of the centre to balance a strong chin or jawline.

Image courtesy: Instagram