The Perfect Makeup Starter Pack For Girls With Oily Skin

Written by Urvi DalalMay 24, 2024
The perfect makeup starter pack for girls with oily skin

If your skin is naturally shinier than a disco ball, finding makeup products that not only prevent clogged pores and breakouts but also stay put on your skin without slipping and sliding throughout the day can be a real struggle. But not anymore! Your friends at BB have curated a list of some incredible makeup products that work wonders for oily skin.

The mattifying properties and staying powers of these products prevent makeup meltdowns and ensure that you look flawless all day long. Scroll down for the perfect makeup starter kit for oily skin.


01. A mattifying primer that prevents makeup meltdowns

07. A lipstick of your choice

If you have oily skin, a primer is the first makeup product you ought to invest in. It not only helps in increasing the wear time of your makeup but also helps in reducing the appearance of pores and blemishes to give your skin a smooth and even finish. This makes the rest of your makeup products glide on a lot more smoothly.

BB picks: Lakme Absolute Under Cover Gel Face Primer


02. A matte foundation that hides pores and other imperfections

07. A lipstick of your choice

No makeup kit is ever complete without a foundation. When it comes to choosing a foundation for oily skin, it is better to avoid dewy formulas and opt for matte ones instead. Matte finish foundations are formulated to absorb excess oil production, provide better coverage and keep your skin looking flawless and oil-free all day long.

BB picks: Lakme 9 To 5 Primer + Matte Perfect Cover Foundation


03. A full-coverage concealer that won’t crease

07. A lipstick of your choice

Seriously though, what would we do without our trusted bottle of concealer? From covering up dark circles, acne scars, blemishes, dark spots to active acne and whatnot, concealer is an absolute game-changer. But just like your foundation, pick a concealer with a matte finish to prevent it from budging and creasing throughout the day.

BB picks: Lakme Absolute Mattreal Mousse Concealer


04. A SPF-infused setting powder that prevents shine

07. A lipstick of your choice

If you have oily skin, it is essential to have a setting powder in your makeup kit to set your base. A setting powder prevents makeup meltdowns by restricting excess sebum production and keeping your makeup in place longer. Simply apply a little bit of setting powder on the areas of your face that tend to get oily over the day.

BB picks: Lakme Sun Expert Ultra Matte SPF 40 Pa+++ Compact



05. A matte eyeshadow palette that won’t crease or smear

07. A lipstick of your choice

The texture of your eyeshadow is something you should pay attention to. It is better to opt for powder-based, matte formulas as they last a lot longer and prevent your eye makeup from budging.

BB picks: Lakme Absolute Infinity Eye Shadow Palette


06. A powder blush that won’t accentuate the pores

07. A lipstick of your choice

Avoid cream blushes and use powder ones instead. Powder blushes go on your skin a lot more smoothly and also stay put throughout the day. Avoid choosing shimmery blushes as they end up accentuating your pores and other skin imperfections.

BB picks: Lakme Absolute Face Stylist Blush Duos


07. A lipstick of your choice

07. A lipstick of your choice

The last thing that every makeup kit needs, irrespective of whether you are a newbie or a self-proclaimed makeup junkie, is a lipstick (or hundred). You can pick anything from matte, satin or creamy formula, depending on your personal preference. But no matter what lipstick formula you choose, remember to apply a generous amount of lip balm before application to ensure your lips remain hydrated and look plump and healthy.

BB picks: Lakme Absolute Matte Revolution Lip Color

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