Beauty On Point: The Step-By-Step Product List For The Perfect Vacation Makeup Look

Written by Team BBJun 29, 2023
Beauty on Point: The Step-by-Step Product List for the Perfect Vacation Makeup Look

We all love vacations. But what we don’t love is packing makeup for the vacation. It’s always too confusing to figure out which products to pack and which ones to leave behind. After all, every single product in our collection turns into a favourite right before a vacation, right? But practically it is not possible to carry everything you have. So let us simplify it by helping you take only the essentials.  
Here’s a complete makeup products name list, step by step.  


Step #1: Pre-prep

Beauty on Point: The Step-by-step Product List for a Perfected Look

Prepping skin for makeup is the most crucial part. A good skincare routine for makeup is an absolute must because your makeup will only look good if your skin looks good. If your skin is not moisturised or dry, it might start to look flakey throughout the day. It’s very important to prepare the skin with the right serum, moisturiser and finally sunscreen. 

This goes for oily skin as well. Skincare products curated for oily skin help regulate the sebum secretion through the skin cells and help the skin feel moisturised and supple. Without a moisturiser, oily skin tends to produce more oil because the skin believes there’s a lack of moisture.  

So, prep your skin with a serum for your skin type, follow it up with a moisturiser and don’t forget your SPF!  


Step #2: Trust the Power of Primer

Beauty on Point: The Step-by-step Product List for a Perfected Look

Starting your makeup without a primer is an invitation to disaster!  When you’re planning a long day ahead, you have to start the base with a primer for long-lasting makeup. However, there are many makeup primer types that help with various skin concerns such as textured skin, enlarged pores, oily skin, dry skin etc. Choose which works for you and start the base by creating a smooth canvas.  

Our vacay favourite is the Lakmé Absolute Blur Perfect Primer. It is a waterproof formula that blurs out texture to create the smoothest base! It keeps skin matte but doesn’t feel drying. Cream, liquid and powder all blend beautifully over it.  


Step #3: Complexion Perfection

Beauty on Point: The Step-by-step Product List for a Perfected Look

Now finally we can move on to the actual makeup. Your foundation preference totally depends on your vacation destination. If you’re visiting a tropical location, the best option is a tinted moisturiser with a dewy finish. And if you’re heading to a cold place, you will need something hydrating and nourishing.  

We have just the thing for you! The Lakmé Absolute Skin Dew Serum Foundation is the vacation-friendly foundation you need. This incredible skincare and makeup hybrid works for every season and skin type. It’s enriched with hyaluronic acid and niacinamide which ensure hydration and comfort all day long. You can use it as a sheer tinted moisturiser for light coverage or layer it on for a little extra perfection. The tube bottle with a pump also makes it super easy to travel with! Just make sure you use a setting powder for long-lasting makeup. 


Step #4: Eye-Catching Eyes

Beauty on Point: The Step-by-step Product List for a Perfected Look

When you’re going places, you don’t want to carry individual products. A staple vacation eyeshadow palette and a waterproof mascara for travel are ideal. Pick an eyeshadow palette with suitable tones for your destination. For example: a bright and bubbly colour scheme would work well for a summery, tropical vacation. But no matter where you go, you need to carry waterproof mascara. You can never be sure what the vacation has in store for you so make sure you don’t end up with panda eyes in any picture!  

Check out the Lakmé Absolute Spotlight Eyeshadow Palette to fulfil your vacation glam needs. These come in 4 variants with different colour stories and each palette comes with 12 fabulous shades. They range from mattes to shimmer and offer infinite possibilities! Pick a palette of your choice and you’re good to go.  

For mascara, we recommend the Lakmé Eyeconic Volume Mascara. This water-resistant formula instantly adds volume and length and lifts the lashes to make the eyes look bigger. Its dark black formula accentuates the lashes and makes your eyes pop!  


Step #5: Luscious Lips

Beauty on Point: The Step-by-step Product List for a Perfected Look

Just like everything else, vacation lip products also need to comprise long-wearing lip colours. Pack a few options with you and pick shades according to your complete look. Pack some lip options from glossy to matte, so you have the option to switch it up when you’re away from home. But if you want to pack light, nourishing lipstick should be the one.  

Our recommendation is the Lakmé Absolute Sheer Lip Mousse. This is an intensely pigmented formula that’s extremely comfortable to wear all day. The mousse formula is also really easy to blend and can be diffused for a light and subtle look or can work to its full potential for a statement look.  


Step #6: Let it All Set

Beauty on Point: The Step-by-step Product List for a Perfected Look

Finally, use a setting spray to lock in your makeup. Powders can also be considered a makeup setting product but a setting spray for long-lasting makeup is untouchable. Spritz some setting spray all over your face after your makeup is done and seal it all. This will prevent your makeup from melting or sliding throughout the day.  

Try the Lakmé Absolute Made To Last Setting Spray if you’re on the hunt for the best setting spray. It refreshes the skin and sets the makeup in place.  


Step #7: Travel-Friendly Essentials

Beauty on Point: The Step-by-step Product List for a Perfected Look

Here are some more tips to carry makeup while travelling:  

Pack travel-sized makeup products. Every travel or trial-size piece comes with enough product. Opt for those miniature bottles to carry compact makeup for vacations.  

Carry a concealer. Concealer can be your magic wand when you suddenly get a pimple or perhaps get uneven tanning. Pack a shade close to your skin tone or one shade lighter to keep things looking as natural as possible. The Lakmé Absolute Spf 20 Concealer Stick is perfect for spot concealing and covering blemishes.  

Take palettes instead of separate products. Bronzer, blush and highlighters are a must to complete every look. But carrying them individually can be bulky and inconvenient. Instead, carry a face makeup palette like the Lakmé Absolute Facelift Palette. This sleek palette consists of a blush, bronzer and highlighter that barely occupies any space and has everything you need for your face makeup. These can also be used as eyeshadows. 


FAQs about Beauty on Point: The Step-by-step Product List for a Perfected Look … 

Q1: How can I make my makeup last all day during my vacation? 

Long-lasting makeup starts with a solid base. Prep your skin with a primer to create a smooth canvas, and follow it up with a lightweight, long-wearing foundation or tinted moisturiser. Set your makeup with a powder and spritz some setting spray all over to lock it in place. Wear waterproof or long-lasting formulas for your eye makeup and lip products to withstand heat, humidity, or any water sports. 


Q2: Can you give some makeup tips to help me adapt to different climates? 

In hot climates, go for lightweight, oil-free products to prevent clogged pores. Use a mattifying primer to control shine and carry oil-absorbing sheets for touch-ups. For colder climates, use hydrating products on your skin with a moisturising primer. Don't forget to protect your skin with SPF, regardless of the climate. 


Q3: How can I take my makeup from day-to-night makeup? 

Try simple tricks like intensifying your look by adding a darker shade to the outer corners of your eyes, applying more mascara and kajal or applying bolder lip colour. You can also layer on a shimmery highlighter for a nighttime glow. Carry a versatile eyeshadow or lipstick in your bag for a quick transformation. 

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