Trends are perpetually booted and suited to paint the town red by infiltrating their way into your beauty shelf. First we had the rhinestones that were taking the internet by storm; seen on eyelids, links and even collarbones. Soon, this talk of the town transcended into the glossy way - slippery skin, shiny lips and even lids; the sparklier in appearance, the better.  Now, the beauty babes have embraced the one and only trend - Barbiecore beauty. And while you may be wondering what’s the buzz all about? We’re here to your #updated rescue. Scroll down to get the right scoop.  

What is the Barbiecore Beauty Trend?  

Ever since the early 1950’s, Barbie has been the iconic diva; the ultimate guru for style more importantly, expression. To an extent this doll has played a pivotal role in impacting fashion choices across generations. I mean, I was all about pink clothing until the age of ten. So much so, Barbie’s signature pink colour has left a mark on how several renowned personalities choose to doll up - yes, Barbie has made her 2022 noteworthy comeback and we’re calling it Barbiecore. Showering the world with glamour of hot pink, the trend is sure to dazzle up your feeds and fashion shows with some sass and of course, head turns. So, latch on as we; your trusted beauty buddy takes you through ways to ace the Barbiecore beauty trend.  

Tips to Ace the Barbiecore Beauty Trend  

Today’s Barbie is here to be who she is and bold enough to play with colours, especially the ones that screams confidence - hot pink!  

Barbiecore Tip #1: Skin sensation 

hot pink

One thing that can easily make or break your look is your skin. We mean, a good dermis day ensures A1 foundation gliding and no bumps popping up - who doesn’t love that? And for that smooth and supple look, exactly something Barbie would love, we suggest relying on a foundation that does the magic. Providing a clean slate for all the hot pink pigment to show, we’re lovers of the Lakmé Absolut 3D Cover Foundation. All about that matte and shine combination, this skin specialist knows how to give you that gleaming look for hours. So, set your face with the unfailing coverage solution and let all that hot pink drama roll, ladies!    

Barbiecore Tip #2: All in the eyes 

hot pink

Said once and now, said again - you know a true charmer by looking in their eyes. Which is why, the Barbiecore trend  is all about giving your that that #olala look by taking the hot magic allure to your eyes. However, not in a loud way but in a way that’s bold and beautiful. Wonder how you put that duo together? Well, for starters get your hands on the Lakmé Absolute Spotlight Eyeshadow Palette. Bringing to you the best of pinks, the on-the-go makeup pal is here to amp up your eyes. For the dreamy look, we suggest using light pink on the inner corner and thereon, using shades darker leaking from it. However, whatever you do - ensure you don’t miss the colour of the moment, hot pink! If you’re going for the pink smokey aesthetic, hot pink will do magic when brought to the outer corner and when finished with an eyeliner gracefully tracing the shape of your eye. For that extraness you can also do the Nicki Minaj’s standard wing. This will seal that hot pink colour spill and more importantly give your eyes character. Want to still go the extra mile? Well, mascara for those flattering lashes can be sworn by.  

Barbiecore Tip #3: Blush it up  

hot pink

If you’re on the hunt for that roadmap that leads to innocent cuteness, there’s nothing that a little blush can’t do! Quite literally the core AKA the string that wraps the world of barbiecore together, that hot pink madness on your cheeks is what makes the cut. Not afraid of blushing and highlighting the apple of my cheeks, my beauty kit MVP has to be the Lakmé Absolute Face Stylist Blush Duos. A perfectionist at giving you the best of both worlds, the compact and classy rouge box knows how to give the minimalists what they want and the daredevils, that plunge of hot pink! Plus, if you’re looking for that professional blend, you no longer need to stare into your skin to ensure the blushing is done right - all you have to do is swipe from one side of the palette to the other. Blessing you with those expert-finished flushed cheeks, add this Lakmé goodie to your cart to get that Barbiecore beauty right. 

 Barbiecore Tip #4: For the love of lips 

hot pink

If there’s one thing that showcases what a woman’s choices are, it HAS to be her lip shade! Not for the frail and weak hearted, getting into the world of Barbiecore with lips that are loud and lavish is something only a few beauty mavens are up to - thanks, Gigi. Being the centre of attention and the limelight seeker, your hot pink lips (ideally) should be looking fab all the time - whether at a brunch or a club and for we’re gaga over the Lakme Absolute 3D Lipstick. Doing wonders in the shade, Pink Passion this single bullet is loaded with colour - which means, a single stroke will give you that wowing look. So, cut to the chase and add a new dimension to your lips with a slap of shine and kick of charisma.  

FAQs about Barbiecore: All You Need to Know   

If it’s #hot or hot pink it calls for questions and we’re here to answer ‘em all! 

 Q1 What’s the Barbiecore dressing aesthetic like? 

For starters, it’s all things pink and the deeper the shade of pink the better. After all, the OG shade is hot pink. However, when it comes to garment picking it basically circles back to the super feminine 2000s. Television series’ vibes like Lizzie McGuire or Hannah Montana. So, in a sense corsets, mini dresses, velvet tracksuits and of course, the queen of pink and Barbiecore, Paris Hilton...enough said. 

Q2 What’s another beauty product I can use to elevate my Barbiecore moment?  

As you may know a little highlighter goes a long way, which is why we’d support highlighter. When adding an extra appeal to your face and some vibrance to your cheekbones, choose a highlighter that complements the hot pink family and *drumroll* that’s got to be a rose gold highlighter. Allowing you to do the most, get your hands on one and never miss a compliment again.  

Q3 What’s does Barbiecore hair look like? 

Well, it’s about the hot pink elements. Whether it’s a a hot pink mane or the subtler, hot pink extensions – both of ‘em fit into the Barbiecore domain. Plus, with regards to style, the signature would be high pony with a massive puff would be the unfailing. However, in today’s day rock your natural locks with some shine and pink accesories and you’re good to go.