How To Apply Makeup For Your Eye Shape: Full Guide

Written by Lopa KJan 11, 2023
How to Apply Makeup for Your Eye Shape: Full Guide

Eyeshadow palettes are every makeup junkie’s favourite product to play with. Whether you have almond eyes or monolids, when you use the right techniques for your eye shape, they will pop like never before! So bring out your brushes because you are about to learn some magic tricks.


Different eye shapes to consider

FAQs about how to apply makeup for your eye shape

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Almond eyes - The eyes are more oval than round and have a creased lid. The inner and outer areas of the eye are pointed.  

Upturned eyes - Similar to the almond shape, the outer corner of the eye is tilted upward. They are also called cat eyes. 

Monolid eyes - There is no crease and the upper eyelid touches your eye which means your lower eyelid is not visible when you open your eyes. 

Hooded eyes - Similar to monolids, hooded eyes also have excess skin covering their eyelids, but there is a crease.  

Round eyes - Rounded eyes are circular in shape and are large enough that there is a little bit of white seen on the top and bottom of your iris with a crease over a large eyelid. 

Downturned eyes - The outer corner of your eye is turned downward. But you have a clear eyelid with a crease. 

How to apply makeup for your eye shape


1. Almond eyes or upturned eyes

FAQs about how to apply makeup for your eye shape

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The easiest way to jazz up your look is to highlight the inner corner and brow bone with the Lakme Absolute Liquid Highlighter. Even though it has a dewy finish, don’t worry about your skin feeling greasy thanks to this lightweight highlighter that brightens up your high points.

FAQs about how to apply makeup for your eye shape

Since almond eyes and upturned eyes have a lot of lid space, you must take full advantage of this. Start by drawing a thin line starting from the inner eye corner. Keep making it slightly thicker until you reach the outer corner and extend it to create a wing parallel to your eyes. Next, draw a thin eyeliner on your lower lash line and connect it to the wing on the upper line. This will immediately give your eyes a beautiful, uniform appearance. 

But the best way to enhance almond eyes is to smudge out your eyeshadow for a slightly smoky and sultry effect

Rock fuller lashes to draw all the attention to your big and beautiful eyes. Your eyes look great even when mascara is applied to both upper and lower lashes. So go ahead and play up your lashes! You can also top your makeup off by wearing some falsies.


2. Monolid eyes

FAQs about how to apply makeup for your eye shape

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Work mostly on your brow bone and outer corner of the eye.   

Applying a thin line of winged eyeliner can define your eyes well. The Lakme Eyeconic Liquid Eyeliner is easy to control with its flexible yet sturdy brush so that you can experiment with your liner. It also dries quickly and is smudge-free so you don’t have to worry about messing up your look when you open your eyes after applying it.

FAQs about how to apply makeup for your eye shape

With these eyes, you have to work hard to create the illusion of depth. Opt for matte instead of shimmer as the latter tends to make them look puffier. Apply a deep-toned matte eye shadow on the area where the crease ought to be and blend away any lines. Complete the effect by smudging some shadow along your lower lash line.

Open up your eyes and add definition with generous amounts of mascara to add volume. Curl the lashes first to add shape and then use mascara to add height rather than length.


3. Hooded eyes

FAQs about how to apply makeup for your eye shape

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Since you have a smaller lid, either highlight the centre of your eyes or work on the outer corner of your eyes. 

Subtle smokey eye makeup with matte shades of brown and beige will give your eyes some definition and depth. Highlighting the brow bone and the inner corners of the eyes also work best. Apply the dark mauve shade of the Lakme Absolute Infinity Eyeshadow Palette - Coral Sunset on your outer corner and in the crease. With a mix of glittery and matte shades, you can then play around with the rest of the lid. With an intense payoff, make your eyes prominent and give an illusion of bigger eyes with a muted peach or pink base in the middle.

FAQs about how to apply makeup for your eye shape

A winged eyeliner would define your eyes. The main trick to get it right is to apply a thicker eyeliner on the outer part of your eye. Ensure that you keep the eyeliner as close to your lash line as possible. This will help open up your eyes and make them appear bigger.

Avoid wearing false lashes as they would hide your eyelids even more. But you can generously apply mascara to your lower lash line to balance out the look.


4. Round eyes

FAQs about how to apply makeup for your eye shape

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The right way to wear eyeshadow for round eyes is by going with a smokey and dark-coloured outer corner. Apply a bright highlighting shade on your inner corners and on the brow bone. Then add a medium shade eyeshadow above the lid for contrast and finish off with a darker shade along the crease. Ensure you blend the eyeshadow from the outside to the middle of your eyelid. 

For the eyeliner, always go for a straight cat eye look as it would compliment your eyes the most. Focus only on the outer corner. Follow it up by lining your lower inner rims with eyeliner in order to close up large eyes.

FAQs about how to apply makeup for your eye shape

Fluffy, dense lashes are also a great pick for you! Apply the Lakme Eyeconic Volume Mascara in a zigzag manner to add volume to your lashes. Since it is lightweight, your lashes won’t look clumpy while also being waterproof so no more unintentional tear tracks when you sweat.


5. Downturned eyes

FAQs about how to apply makeup for your eye shape

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Use metallic or shimmery shades in the centre of your lid. You can even go for neutrals and medium shades. Highlight your brow bone and inner corner to make your eyes look less droopy. Apply eyeshadow higher on the lids and avoid defining the lash line which can make them appear droopier. 

Avoid picking black eyeliner though, as they are quite harsh. We love the creamy texture of the Lakme Absolute Explore Eye Pencil which comes in different vibrant colours, perfect for the festive season. It is also smudge-proof which means it will give your liquid liner-like results. Just keep your eyeliner very thick and go for an upward wing. Start by drawing a thin line from the inner eye corner and thickening it as you move outwards. Create a slightly thicker flick of a wing at the outer corner and extend it up towards your crease. This will instantly make you look more awake.

FAQs about how to apply makeup for your eye shape

After applying the first coat of mascara, focus on the centre and outer lashes in the second coat to add more drama.

Falsies are a must for downturned eyes as they take away all the attention from the droopy effect and make your eyes look more lively!


FAQs about how to apply makeup for your eye shape

FAQs about how to apply makeup for your eye shape

Q1. Which type of eye shape is most attractive? 

Almond eyes are usually considered the most wanted eye shape since they can pull off any type of makeup. But different eye shapes suit different faces. As long as you know what looks good on you, you can try any eye makeup look you want.  

Q2. How many eye shapes are there? 

Other than the six eye shapes mentioned above, depending on how they are positioned on your face, eyes can also be wide or close set, asymmetrical, big or small, deep set or protruding. 

Q3. How can I make asymmetrical eyes look even? 

To give the illusion of symmetrical eyes, you can make the eyeliner thicker on the smaller eye/less-creased eye. 

In order for your eye makeup to look pretty and enhance your eyes, you ought to take into consideration the shape of your eyes. Whether you have almond eyes or hooded eyes or any other type, we’ve got you with these easy tips and tricks that you can follow.

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