8 Makeup Tips For Big Eyes That You Need To Know

Written by Kadambari SrivastavaFeb 01, 2024
8 Makeup Tips For Big Eyes That You Need To Know

Eye makeup is a big rage and for good reason. Everyone loves to highlight their eyes. Gorgeous and brimming with colours and accentuated with sky-high lashes! The ones who have big eyes, they have it easy. Just a dash of kohl and they are good to go. But then there are those of us who do not have big eyes; either due to our genetics or because of constant use of glasses to correct weak eye sight. So, what are some magic makeup tricks for making your eyes look big you can try? Makeup is all about enhancing your features and creating an illusion.

Makeup for big eyes is exactly that. You can play with all the eye makeup you have got and create a pretty illusion that makes you look like you have beautiful, wide, almond eyes. Let’s talk all about makeup for making it look like you have big eyes, shall we?

Makeup for big eyes tips 8: Lashes

Big and beautiful eyes are a dream for everyone. But not everyone is born with it. Some have to create those. Makeup for big eyes can be done using your everyday makeup, and sometimes, it doesn’t even take that many products. You can throw in a shade or two of your favourite eyeshadow palette, but just concealers, correctors and kajals would do the deed as well. So let’s take you through some of the amazing tips that you need to follow if you wish to create makeup for big eyes.


1. Eyebrows

Makeup for big eyes tips 8: Lashes

Do you know that a change in your brows can actually change the way you look? What if we told you that it would be difficult to recognise you if you shave your brows altogether? Anyway, talking about makeup for big eyes, eyebrows play a huge role here. The first step and the most basic and important one is to ensure that you have tweezed and shaped your brows well. They should not be too thin or thick, and be just enough to go well with your face.

The plan is to highlight the focal point of your eyes, so shape those brows accordingly.


2. Prep and prime

Makeup for big eyes tips 8: Lashes

Another quite important, but mostly ignored step is this. We put so much effort into prepping and priming our skin with a CTM routine and a good primer, but what happens when it comes to our eyes? Use a gentle wipe to remove any dirt or grime. You can also use gentle cleansing milk and wipe using a cotton pad. Once that is done, use a cooling eye primer to prepare your eyes for the makeup. Conceal the under-eye area and any imperfections, if there are any, and use a tinted moisturiser or just a little bit of foundation all over your eye area.

The reason we suggest this is that you would be creating a uniform hue all over your eyes so that your eye makeup pops out when you apply it.


3. Highlights

Makeup for big eyes tips 8: Lashes

This is an important step. If you want to give the illusion of bigger eyes, you need to emphasise on the high points of your eyes. Those are your brow bone and your inner corners. Use a good highlighter, in whichever format and texture you are comfortable with.

Make sure that it does not spill or spread too much. Highlighting works well only when it is specifically done to bring out certain areas. Use a brush or your fingers to gently tap and blend. This will basically bring out the shape of your eyes and help them look bigger than they actually are. Another quick trick to highlight is to use a white eye pencil and apply it on the lower water line. This will also help accentuate the eye look, making your eyes look bigger.


4. Play with dark shades

Makeup for big eyes tips 8: Lashes

Do not be shy when it comes to creating makeup for big eyes. Go bold and go dark. Dark eyeshadows and eyeliners complement the highlighting well. In fact, they help accentuate it. Pale and nude shades, on the other hand, are a good choice for those who are already blessed with big eyes.

Pick darker browns and blend and complement those with chocolate or even black shades, provided you know how much you should apply. Remember to never go over the top or you may end up with panda eyes instead of bigger-looking eyes!



5. Shimmer

Makeup for big eyes tips 8: Lashes

Shimmer eyeshadows can help you get those big eyes even faster than your regular matte ones. But, as usual, you should know which ones to pick for yourself. Choose shades that go well with your complexion. Do not assume. Try first. Also, you can use it both at day and night. Just alter the intensity while you apply, depending on whether you are going for a meeting or going to a party.

Shimmer eyeshadows can actually play a huge role in giving you bigger eyes that you so desperately crave.


6. Blend

Makeup for big eyes tips 8: Lashes

This is one of the cardinal rules of any makeup, let alone just eye makeup. Blending is extremely important. Or else you can easily land up with panda eyes that are sticky. It can even cause infections and extreme discomfort. And of course, you will have harsh lines and unblended edges on your makeup. To avoid this, use brushes to blend in the edges, and do not just rely on your fingers, which do not work on powder products.


7. Try smokey eyes

Makeup for big eyes tips 8: Lashes

There are many types of smokey eyes that you can try, trust us on that. They also vary in intensity. You can try an everyday smokey eye using just kajal and a brown eye shadow or you can try an intense and dark one for the night. Whichever one you pick, a smokey eye is supposed to accentuate your eyes and make those eyes look bigger.


8. Lashes

Makeup for big eyes tips 8: Lashes

Just like eyebrows, your lashes play a huge role when you are going for a bigger eye look. If you are blessed with long lashes, good! But if you are not, you can try some home remedies and oil massages to make them longer. After all, good lashes are important when it comes to expanding and truly opening up your eyes.

Natural care of the eyelashes is important, but the right makeup tools and techniques are also required. Invest in a good eyelash curler and mascara. Try warming the curler a little before curling your lashes. That will ensure there is a better curl. Then use mascara. Also, do not forget to use mascara on your lower lashes. Use a double coat on the upper ones and only apply the second coat when the first one has dried or you will end up with clumps and smudges.

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