Our favourite trend is making a comeback and we couldn’t be happier. With all the craze for dewy, juicy skin, strobing is making a return. Even Hailey Bieber welcomed it back by contributing with her glazed doughnut skin. But what exactly is this ‘strobing’? We’ll tell you all about it! Plus, we’re giving you four reasons why you need to strobe this upcoming summer season.


What is strobing?

What is strobing?

Strobing is a makeup technique used to accentuate the features on your face without contouring. Instead of using dark, matte powder to add shadows and chisel the face, strobing highlights all the highest points to add dimension. This way, the hollows look deeper and the high points stick out, similar to the look you’d achieve with contouring. It is generally done by layering highlighters in different formulations. A liquid illuminator is first used on the high points, underneath the base. Then once the base makeup is done, the face is completed with a radiant blush and powder highlighter.

But, contrary to contouring, strobing adds a very fresh and youthful glow to the skin. Whereas, contouring makes one look mature. Moreover, adding shadows with a cool-toned product is much more intricate than it looks. It can easily look muddy as if it’s dirt on your skin. Strobing, on the other hand, makes your skin look well moisturised, hydrated and healthy. Both are done to add more definition. Strobing came into existence after taking inspiration from thousands of runway looks, centred around luminous skin.

With that being said, why should you replace your standard contouring routine with strobing?



01. Makes skin look dewy

Makes skin look dewy

Who doesn’t love beaming skin? We know we do! Strobing should be your go-to for summer days as it can add an ethereal shine to your skin. It gives you a lit-from-within look that is so natural and undetectable. If you want to make your cheeks pop, ditch contour and get on the strobing bandwagon.


02. Easier to do

Easier to do

Nobody can deny this. Even pros mess up at contouring sometimes but strobing is a foolproof technique. This infallible method can be done in no time, no matter where you are. Ever imagined contouring your face while you travel? Impossible! But how easy is it to rub a liquid highlighter on your cheeks while you’re on the go? Give it a shot today!


03. Pairs well with fun trends

Pairs well with fun trends

Dewy skin looks incredible with funky eye looks. All the captivating makeup looks such as graphic eyeliner, pastel eyeshadow looks, and even the sticker trend pair very well with strobing. The reason is, all these makeup fads are meant to look effortlessly gripping. And, strobing is exactly that! Hence, these new makeup styles look good with glossy skin.


04. Works without base makeup as well

Works without base makeup as well

Contouring is ideal for days when you want heavy makeup. It takes quite a lot of time and effort to contour and the rest of your face needs to look even and flawless for contour to work. So, how can one add depth to their face without contour? Strobing, of course. Duh! Strobing can be done with and without makeup and it looks equally stunning. Highlighters are more forgiving than a dark product used to carve your features. Therefore, when you’re running late or having a lazy makeup day, reach for your illuminators instead.


05. Best product for strobing

Best product for strobing

Our favourite strobing buddy is the Lakmé Absolute Liquid Highlighter. This versatile product comes in three shades for every skin tone. These can be used underneath your makeup, on top of your base makeup, and even mixed in with your base makeup. But that’s not all, when used on the decolletage and shoulders, these highlighters add the most gorgeous glimmer to the skin.