Everything You Need To Know About Getting A Lip Tattoo Done

Written by Sumona BoseSep 16, 2023
Everything you need to know about getting a lip tattoo done

When it comes to beauty trends, semi-permanent makeup procedures have seen a sudden growth. Procedures like microblading and eyeliner tattoos have seen a rise in demand which is why most dermatologists and aestheticians have started including them in their service menus. They are a good alternative for fillers, safe when done by a professional and help enhance your features. One such trend that has gotten beauty enthusiasts buzzing is lip tattoo blushing - a procedure that enhances the appearance of your lips by depositing pigmented ink with a mechanical needle.


1. Benefits of lip tattoos

FAQs about lip tattoo

As seen above, lip blushing has its fair share of attributes to make it desirable. A properly done lip tattoo blushing will give your lips a fuller appearance and a lovely tint. The intensity of the pigment can be customised for a natural, even-toned look or a statement colour fill. The procedure can also be limited to achieve a defined lip line, without making it look overdrawn or fake. It is less invasive than traditional lip tattoos and takes the risk of damage or scarring of the lips with a tattoo gun out of the picture.


2. How is lip blushing different from traditional tattooing?

FAQs about lip tattoo

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Unlike traditional tattooing of shapes of designs, lip blushing only involves pigmenting your lips with various shading or pixelating techniques. They are customised to match your skin tone, heal quicker (5-10 days) and last up to two years without having to go in for constant touch-ups. They are a fairly quick procedure, with actual chair time ranging from 30 minutes to an hour. The pain involved is also minimal when compared to traditional tattoo guns, because of the use of a potent numbing cream and the procedure itself is less invasive.


3. What to expect from a lip tattooing session

FAQs about lip tattoo

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There are a couple of things to keep in mind if you are considering getting lip tattoo blushing:

i) Prep:

A lip blushing session needs to be preceded by proper research on a licensed technician who will do it for you. Have a proper consultation and conversation about their experience, rates involved and past customer testimonials of the same.

ii) Procedure:

The procedure begins with the application of numbing cream on your lips, which takes about 20 minutes to work. Once numb, an outline is drawn with temporary ink to show how the end result will be. Then the technician will tattoo the pigment into the shape, which takes anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. Once done, your technician might ice it to bring down the immediate swelling from the session.

iii) Post-session:

The first 24 hours is crucial in the healing procedure, which can go on for a week to heal completely. Gently blot your lip with a wet cotton pad to clean it and let it air dry. You might notice some scabbing which you should not pick at and just let it fall naturally. Keep your lips moisturised at all times with an expert-approved treatment to help the healing process and keep the dryness at bay.


4. Potential risks associated with lip tattooing

FAQs about lip tattoo

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Even though lip tattoo blushing is less invasive than traditional tattoos, they are still a tattoo procedure after all. Here are some possible risk factors associated with it:

i) Swelling:

Even though the pigments and tools used in lip blushing are not as invasive as traditional tattoos, they can still cause micro-injuries on your lips. This can lead to surface swelling, which will subside in a couple of days following the procedure.

ii) Infections:

Lip blushing procedures do run the risk of infections due to reasons like unsterilized tattoo equipment and lack of post-procedure care. Since your lips come in contact with food, saliva, bacteria and beverages, you have to be careful about what you consume until the tattoo is healed.

iii) Scarring:

Improper post-procedure care and/or infections can hinder the natural healing process, thus developing scar tissue at the site of the tattoo.

iv) Allergic reactions:

Someone with a history of skin allergies and sensitivity can be especially susceptible to allergic reactions. They can be common ink allergies that lead to itchiness, rash or hives. In more extreme cases, allergic reactions can lead to an anaphylactic shock that results in swelling of the cheeks, the neck and troubled breathing. Take yourself to a hospital immediately if you feel it coming on.

v) Bloodborne illnesses:

Unsterilised tools can do a lot more than cause infections on the lips. They can also lead to contracting blood-borne diseases like Hepatitis B and C, and HIV.


5. How long do lip tattoos last?

FAQs about lip tattoo

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When it comes to the question of how long lip tattoos last, it depends on person to person. On an average, lip blushing treatments are said to last for upto 2 years, but this can be majorly impacted by the kind of lifestyle you lead as well. Habits like smoking and constant lip-smacking can significantly affect the pigment. You might also notice a faster fading due to unchecked sun exposure, excessively oily skin, lack of iron in your system and over-exfoliation of the lips.


6. How long do lip tattoos take to heal?

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Lip blushing procedures can take up to a week to heal completely. During the healing process, the excess colour will flake off, leading to a temporary darkening of the lips. Make sure to keep your lips properly moisturised during this time and keep away from any external irritants, like harsh soaps and scrubs. Once the tattoo is completely healed, you will be able to see the shade you intended to get. However, the results may vary since people’s skin differs in how it retains ink.


7. FAQs about lip tattoo

FAQs about lip tattoo

1) How to choose the right shade for a lip tattoo?

A. To get the most flattering shade for your lip tattoo, work with your technician to customise the shade according to your natural lip colour. Lip tattoos aim for that minimal, natural look so a light tint with minimal colour fill should be the key rule for picking the right shade. The best way to do this is to try on neutral lipstick shades beforehand and see what best compliments your face and complexion.

2) Can lip blushing make your lips look bigger?

A. Yes, lip blushing procedures can be customised to add body, definition and shape to your natural lips. This, in turn, helps give your lips a fuller and more plump look.

3) Can a lip blushing appointment go wrong?

A. Yes, when done without taking the proper precautions or by an inexperienced professional, lip blushing can cause redness that lasts for longer than 4-5 days, which is usually time needed for it to heal.  Also, you might experience uneven fading which can make the lip tattoo look patchy and unattractive. So, make sure you always get it done by an experienced technician. 

4) Can you brush your teeth after lip blushing?

A. It is usually recommended to keep irritants away from your lips while it heals from the blushing appointment. Which means, while you can brush and should be careful with it, make sure none of the dental care products gets on your lips. Refrain from using whitening kinds of toothpaste and minty mouthwashes for a while.

5) Can I drink hot beverages after lip blushing? 

A. Avoid drinking hot beverages just after a lip blushing appointment. They can irritate your already swollen lips and strip moisture away from them, which is essential in the healing process. If you wish to do it, use a metal straw to sip on the beverage so that it is directly funnelled to your mouth without ever touching your lips.

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