Girls with a round face shape don’t have it easy when it comes to styling their hair. You need a hairstyle that makes your face appear thinner, angled and, well, less round. In the quest to find the perfect hairstyle that flatters your soft features and round face, you must have tried every hair look in the book. Well, you are not alone.

So if you have spent an eternity looking for the right hairstyle for your face shape before going to a party, wedding or first date, here is something that would really come in handy. We have here a lowdown on three fancy hairstyles that are perfect for round face shapes.

3 fancy hairstyles for girls with round face

Side swept waves

Hair parted sideways and styled in Hollywood waves is a red carpet-ready hairstyle that is perfect for round face shapes. It takes away width from your face and provides some length to your round cheeks and jawline.

3 fancy hairstyles for girls with round face

Messy braids

If you love braids, go for a messy braid swept to one side. It looks chic and flatters round face shapes so well. Let some strands from the front remain loose to make your face appear more angled.

3 fancy hairstyles for girls with round face

Fuzzy bun

While a sleek bun will pull all your hair back and accentuate the roundness, a messy bun with textured flyaways will create some definition and height and will offset your round face structure. 

Image courtesy: Instagram