A fun night out with your girlfriends is incomplete without makeup, right? All you need for the perfect party makeup is a makeup kit packed with the best beauty products and a few handy makeup tips. With a hint of colour on your lips, cheek and eyes, you can be sure to make a statement wherever you choose to go. To know how to do a simple party makeup at home yet look glamorous in less than 30 minutes, follow the steps below. 

For the party makeup look you choose to do; your outfit is as important as the makeup you add to it. However, whatever you decide to wear, the products in your makeup kit should include basics like concealer, foundation, kohl, and blush as well as a sexy lip colour.  

Here is how to do party makeup at home.  

Step by Step Party Makeup Look for Beginners  

Check out this tutorial on party makeup step-by-step at home if you are a beginner.  

1. Prep your face 

Step by Step Party Makeup Look for Beginners

The first face makeup tip of the pros? Prepping! Prep your skin by applying a moisturiser or a hydrating serum to ensure your skin is supple. Our recommendation is the super hydrating Lakme Absolute Hydra Pro Gel Crème which locks in hydration and improves skin texture, reduces moisture loss giving your skin a dewy – fresh, hydrated look

Follow it up with a primer such as the Lakmé Absolute Blur Perfect Primer. It creates the perfect base for makeup, makes it last longer and hides all your imperfections. 

2. Conceal those dark circles and imperfections 

Step by Step Party Makeup Look for Beginners

Start by using the Lakmé 9to5 Primer+Matte Liquid Concealer to cover your under-eye dark circles. It helps mask blemishes, dark circles, and fine lines. The concealer comes with a built-in primer that reduces pores and blurs dark spots for a smooth base and natural matte finish.  

Also, add it to the areas you want to highlight like the centre of your nose blending upward slightly onto your forehead, on the chin and around the sides of your mouth. Pat it on with your fingers for a smooth finish. 

3. Apply foundation 

Step by Step Party Makeup Look for Beginners

Then apply Lakme Absolute Skin Dew Serum Foundation in a shade that suits your complexion all over your face and neck. Blend in for the perfect base. This serum-in-a-foundation is infused with the goodness of Hyaluronic Acid and the power of Niacinamide which makes your skin feel nourished and hydrated on the inside while making it look flawless and radiant on the outside. It gives a dewy, medium-high coverage finish that lasts up to 24 hours.  

4. Set the base in place 

Step by Step Party Makeup Look for Beginners

To make sure your concealer and foundation stay in place, pat some Lakmé Absolute Loose Finishing Powder on after. Do it with the help of a powder brush and your perfect makeup is ready. This powder gives you a flawless, spotless look, with a fine, airbrush finish, while also minimizing the look of pores. 

5. Add a pop of colour 

Step by Step Party Makeup Look for Beginners

Add a pop of colour with the Lakmé Absolute Stylist Blush Duos. The luminous and silky formula gives a natural-looking radiance to your skin. Pat the coloured blush onto the apples of your cheeks and make broad upward strokes along the length of your cheekbones. 

6. Apply eyeshadow 

Step by Step Party Makeup Look for Beginners

For your eye makeup, start by highlighting your eyes with the Lakmé 9to5 Eye Quartet - Desert Rose. Apply it onto the inner corner of eyes for a frosty look and spread it on your lids for some shimmer. 

7. Add kajal, eyeliner and mascara 

Step by Step Party Makeup Look for Beginners

Define your eyes further with the Lakmé Eyeconic Kajal. Apply it on your waterline deepening the colour as you apply. Follow this up with an eyeliner like the Lakmé Absolute Gloss Artist Liquid Liner and apply a thin line on the upper lash line with an extended flick for a hint of drama. Add a final touch by applying the Lakmé Absolute Flutter Secrets Mascara on your upper and lower lids in an outward direction. 

8. Apply lip liner and lipstick 

Step by Step Party Makeup Look for Beginners

For your pout, use the Lakmé Absolute 3D Lip Definer - Ruby. It’s a great night-about-town matte lipstick. Fill them in with the Lakmé Absolute Matte Revolution Lip Color - Burgundy Blast with the help of a lip brush. A quick tip to make lips pop further is to dab a lighter shade of eyeshadow from the palette into the middle of your lower lip. 

With these party makeup tips you’re ready to paint the town red! Make sure to have your accessories to complement your selected outfit and do your hair up in tousled waves to hit the dance floor in style

FAQs about Step-by-step Party Makeup Look for Beginners   

What is the best way to do basic makeup? 

When you are a beginner when it comes to applying makeup, you should first wash your face and apply a moisturiser to ensure that your skin is properly hydrated. Using your finger, apply a thin layer of foundation to your face, and with the help of a brush, spread the foundation evenly over your face. If you have any blemishes, then apply concealer on them. 

How can I do the party look without an eyeliner? 

It's not necessary to apply eyeliner if you're doing a smoky eye for your party makeup look. It takes time to apply eye shadow, and you might not want to risk it with liner. The liner is also difficult to remove at the end of the day. 

How does tissue paper help you apply lipstick? 

Using tissue paper to blot your lipstick helps remove any excess and dries it a little, extending its life on your lips and making it last longer than usual. Lipsticks or lip glosses that are wet or glossy won't last as long as ones that are matte or sticky.