It is very recently that Lakmé gave us the Absolute Lip Pouts—a range of six vibrant, happy colours that will be the instant pick-me-up your face needs. So alive and bright are they that you’ll never have to worry about dull lips again. To get familiarised with these cool crayon-style lippies, we spoke to makeup guru Cory Walia who gave us a detailed insight into how these lipsticks are here to change a girl’s life.  Read on.
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What’s the best thing about the Lakmé Absolute Lip Pouts?

Well, it’s taking Sculpt to a whole new dimension and I think this range has been launched taking into account what is happening internationally in terms of beauty trends and social media. You know how big the selfie pout is, right? So the pout lipsticks are very relevant today.  We’ve capitalised on this idea and launched these 6 matte, beautiful shades. I call them living colours because it’s almost like watching a face in high-definition. You can do lots of fun things like ombré lips. I love the look of the deeper red on the outer pout and the centre of your lips blending into an orange. These lipsticks are about sculpting and bringing fun into your life with a single crayon. There are soft crème ones with a bit of a glossy finish also coming up. But right now, we’re concentrating on matte. Basically, they’re lipsticks that will wake you up.

Which are the day colours and night hues from this range?

The Pink Fantasy, Tangerine Touch and Victorian Rose are for day wear while the dark shades like Magenta Magic, Starlet Red and Raving Red are perfect for the night. But I’d like to also see a very useful nude someday in this range. I don’t know how it’s going to be ideated but it’s possible to have a nude pout as well. However, right now we’re concentrating on the playful colours.

Your favourite colour in the range…

Oh, it has to be Pink Fantasy! It works so wonderfully on the Indian skin tone and brings life to the face.

Every girl should have the Lakmé Absolute Lip Pout because…

You never know when you’re being clicked and when you’re clicking yourself.

Your favourite Bollywood pout and the colour you’d want them to wear.

Kareena Kapoor Khan obviously! She doesn’t even have to try to pout. She was born pouting. You put on the lip colour on her and it looks wow. I want to see Kareena wear the Starlet Red. There’s no question there because red is her colour. You have to be really bold and confident to carry off this colour. I always believe that the colour shouldn’t wear you. Instead, you should wear the colour and she does that perfectly!

The one word that comes to your mind when I say…

Raving Red – Alive
Pink Fantasy – Perfection
Tangerine Touch – Playful

Why are the crayon-style lipsticks such a big rage?

Well, they’re so easy to apply. With just one application, you can have that burst of colour on your lips. The finish is perfectly matte and long-lasting. You can look into a mirror app on your phone and apply it in a moving car, in a train or just about anywhere! Also, just the visual of the stick is so attractive and you can find it in your handbag so easily. By and large, these crayon lippies are a rage because they’re an internationally accepted trend as they say there’s no better lipstick than the chubby stick.

It is with the Lakmé Absolute Lip Pouts that we were introduced to the two-toned pouts, a trend that’s hugely popular in the West. Do you think India will warm up to this trend?

If the right people wear it in the right way to set the trend rolling, it will most definitely work wonders. First, people who you look up to should embody the trend. Only then will the common people wear it.

Where can one wear two-toned lips?

You can wear it wherever you want to carry yourself in a carefree, individualistic and happy manner. It’s a brave trend that embodies a freedom of spirit and happiness.