A 4-Step Makeup Routine To Blur The Look Of Large Pores

Written by Sumona BoseMay 16, 2024
A 4-step makeup routine to blur the look of large pores

No amount of toners, creams or alleged DIY remedies for large pores can “shrink” the size of your pores. Real skin has pores and their size and appearance depends solely on your genetics and skin type. The battle against pores is one that even Regina George could not win; unless you have the makeup skills to blur them instead. Yep, a combination of the right products and techniques can let you smoothen out your skin and hide your pores for at least a few hours. So whether you are looking forward to a photoshoot done by your talented BFF or heading to a fancy event and want to wear porcelain smooth skin, here’s a 4-step makeup routine to help you hide large pores.

Pro tip - For starters, make sure to properly cleanse and moisturise your skin so that it doesn’t look parched - a mistake that can make your pores pop out even more!


1. Start with a gel primer

Pack everything in with a loose powder

A primer not only makes your makeup last for longer but also acts as the first prep step to smoothen out your skin texture. Silicone-based primers with a gel formulation are excellent at this task - they help fill in open pores, in addition to blurring lines and wrinkles to help create a crease-free. A mattifying and vitamin E-rich formula like the Lakmé Absolute Undercover Gel Primer can further help with oil-control, while keeping your skin nourished.


2. Pack on a matte foundation

Pack everything in with a loose powder

To properly blur out your pores and keep it that way for long hours, you will have to ace the foundation application step. Pick a buildable formula like the Lakmé Perfecting Liquid Foundation to pack on an even and smudge-free layer to cover up the look of your pores. Start by applying the product to the region where your pores are largest. Use a small foundation brush for the same. Blend the product with a damp makeup sponge to further fill in the pores and get a smooth finish. Layer on more product slowly by taking enough breaks to avoid cakey looking foundation.


3. Use a stick concealer for finishing touches

Pack everything in with a loose powder

While the primer and foundation layer will give your skin a smooth enough finish, there are some stubborn areas that need extra help. Thicker concealers, like the Lakmé Absolute White Intense SPF 20 Concealer Stick are good for adding final touches on top of an already high coverage foundation. Dab on the product and use clean fingers to gently blend the formula to blur out stubborn pores.


4. Pack everything in with a loose powder

Pack everything in with a loose powder

All the layers of product that you just applied need to be packed in to keep them in place. Instead of setting with a spray, which can settle in your pores, use a loose powder instead. Pick a translucent formula that blends with your skin; one of our favourite picks of the season is the Lakmé 9 to 5 Naturale Finishing Powder for its oil-free finish. Focus on lightly dusting the product on your pores, “bake” for a couple of minutes and brush off the extra product for best results.

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