The Basic Steps Of Ladies’ Makeup Everyone Should Know About

Written by Sumona BoseMay 16, 2024
The basic steps of ladies’ makeup everyone should know about

New to putting together a glamorous face and wondering if you have got the basics down? You've got to believe us when we say that even seasoned makeup enthusiasts can commit simple mistakes while doing the most basic kind of makeup. And while ladies' makeup is an art form and can be innovated according to your unique tastes, there are some basics that need to be covered in order to be called a pro. These basics make sure that you have the prep right and are layering your products the right way. We put together a comprehensive guide on the 9 basic steps of makeup that everyone should master before they move on to experimenting with new ideas and looks. These steps will also make sure you are not committing integral sins of makeup, like going in with a concealer before foundation - are you trying to look like a cakey mess?! Check out the step-by-step process of putting together an elementary makeup look below...


1. Primer

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Your makeup will be as good as the base prep you do. Yes, the key factor that defines how well your makeup will go on your face and how long it will stay put depends on the skin prep. After you do your skincare routine, the first step is always to apply a facial primer to help fill in any lines and pores that might be on your face. Silicone-based primers are excellent at smoothing out your skin before makeup application. A primer will also hold your makeup in place better and make sure it survives a long day of sweat and constant face touching!


2. Foundation

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The foundation step of your makeup is crucial to even out your skin tone and give you a clear base to work your makeup magic on. Make sure to pick a foundation based on your skin type - dry skin types can go for an oil or serum-based foundation while oily skin types can opt for a more water-based formula to keep their skin matte and grease-free. Match your foundation shade to your jawline and always apply over a primer to avoid oxidation from your skincare products. You can either use your fingers, a foundation brush or a wet beauty blender to apply your product seamlessly, just pick one that you are most comfortable with.


3. Concealer

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A concealer can be used in your makeup routine in more ways than one. Full coverage concealers are used to blur dark under-eye bags and minor imperfections of the skin. If not for cover-ups, concealers are used to contour the face and give your features more definition. Follow this handy guide on how to contour seamlessly without leaving any harsh lines behind. When used in the form of colour correctors, concealers can also double up as coverage sticks for redness, visible veins, pale undertones and hyperpigmentation.


4. Powder

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The face powder is an important step that people often tend to skip. Baking your base with powder helps set it better and gives it a matte finish. But if you are going for a dewy and glowy look, the powder can be skipped. Pat a translucent powder all over your face and 'bake' for 5 to 10 minutes and then dust it off with a fluffy powder brush. Baking your base with powder locks everything in and makes it budge-free, even if you are spending your night dancing away at the club!


5. Eye makeup

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There is a constant debate among makeup enthusiasts whether to put on their eye look first or after the base. Here is the lowdown ladies - if you are planning an elaborate eye look that will require placing your hand on your face for support, pop on your eye look first. On the other hand, if you are just going for some glitter or matte shadow with a bit of liner, you can go in for the eye makeup later in the routine. Make sure to apply an eyeshadow primer on your lids before applying any pigments on them. This will make the colours of your eyeshadow pop more and keep the carefully crafted eye look in place.


6. Blush

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The blush is used to put back warmth in your complexion and is often the step that many tend to mess up. The golden rule with blush is ‘less is more' and if you do want to go dramatic with it, drape it over the top of your cheekbones and above your eyebrows instead of using too much product. Blush can also be used to contour your cheeks, where a combination of deep and sheer blushes can be used to bring out your cheekbones. A blush is yet another makeup product that needs to be tailored to your skin type - cream blushes are more suited to dry skin types and powder blushes are the perfect match for oily skin types.


7. Lips

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It is always a good idea to do your lip as the final step in your routine. This is to make sure you are picking a pigment that perfectly complements the rest of your face. Whether you want to balance your makeup out with a nude pout or amp up the drama with a bold colour, pop a lip on at the end. You can use products like lip liner to help define your pout or a clear gloss in the centre of your lips to make it look plumper. Use a tissue to dab out excessive pigment and clean the corners for a precise colour fill.


8. Highlighter

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Ever wondered how your BFFs achieve that ‘lit-from-within’ glow with their makeup look? It is the highlighter ladies! Available in both cream and powder forms, highlighters help catch the light on the high points of your face and make it glow like you have your own personal ring light in front of you. After you are done with the steps above, apply some highlighter to the bridge of your nose, under your eyebrows, the top of the apple of your cheeks, the Cupid’s bow, the chin and into your hairline. This final step will make sure your makeup has that youthful glow and looks great in selfies!


9. Setting spray

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The final step in your routine should always be the setting of the makeup. You can either set your makeup with a setting mist or a setting spray. Setting powders are great for makeup looks that are simple and follow the 'no-makeup' makeup vibe. Whereas if you have an elaborate makeup look on, full with an OTT eye and snatched contouring, a setting spray will help keep everything grounded for long hours.


FAQs about makeup

FAQs about makeup

Q. What is the best way to remove makeup?

A. There are a couple of ways to take your makeup off. You can either use makeup remover wipes or use the double cleansing procedure to get makeup off of your face. Generally, makeup remover wipes are considered less effective than a good cleanse and also generate a lot of waste. Instead, start off by using an oil cleanser, followed by a foamy cleanser to really get all the dirt, oil and product buildup off of your face.

Q. What are some of the best ladies makeup trends for 2021?

A. The top five ladies' makeup trends you will be seeing everywhere in 2021 are - graphic eyeliners, monochrome makeup, berry-toned eyeshadows, copper contouring and dewy makeup looks.

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