Turkish novelist Mehmet Murat İldan once rightly said, “In matters of healing the body or the mind, vacation is a true genius!” So, if you, like us, are in dire need of vitamin sea and have a beach vacation planned super soon, we hope you pack your skincare products along with your straw hats, bikinis and sunglasses.

And while skincare can take a backseat when you’re on vacation, we suggest you avoid making these five skincare mistakes while you’re vacationing on the beach.


01. Not reapplying sunscreen

Not reapplying sunscreen

It goes without saying that applying sunscreen before heading out to the beach is a must, and so is reapplying it after every 2-3 hours. The harsh sun rays on the beach can be quite harmful to your skin. That’s why you must carry the Lakmé Sun Expert Tinted Sunscreen 50+++ SPF in your beach bag at all times. This tinted sunscreen is dermatologically tested and blocks 97% of harmful sun rays that can cause sunburn, tanning, premature skin ageing and dark spots. The cucumber and lemongrass in its formula give you a light and non-sticky matte finish and makes your skin look even-toned all day long.


02. Shaving before hitting the beach

Shaving before hitting the beach

We get that you want to flaunt your flawless, smooth skin at the beach, but don’t even think about shaving before you hit the beach. Shaving is basically exfoliation for your skin, so when you shave, your skin becomes more prone to irritation, which can only worsen in the coarse sand and salty water on the beach. Also, you tend to get nicks and cuts while shaving, which can sting and irritate your skin further. We suggest shaving at least 24 hours before the beach day if you don’t want to have irritated, red skin.


03. Forgetting to take care of your lips

Forgetting to take care of your lips

Yes, we’re all guilty of forgetting to take care of our lips while we are out in the sun. The sun can rob the moisture of your lips and leave them dry and flakey *yikes*. That’s why it’s essential to carry a lip balm like the Lakmé Lip Love Gelato Chapstick in your beach bag at all times. This tinted lip balm comes with SPF 15, which protects the delicate skin of your lips from sun damage, while keeping it moisturised for up to 22 hours. They come in four gelato-inspired scents to keep your lips smelling and tasting delicious *wink*.


04. Not carrying facial wipes in your handbag

Not carrying facial wipes in your handbag

Getting all sweaty, sandy and dirty while lying on the beach with your new book is inevitable; that’s why we recommend keeping the Simple Kind To Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes in your beach bag. Just pull out one wipe and clean off all the oil, sand and dirt off your face and body, and you’re ready for the next destination on your itinerary, These hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic and dermatologically tested wipes are made with triple purified water, pro vitamin B5, and vitamin E that help clean, hydrate and nourish your skin on the go.


05. Using heavy moisturiser to hydrate your skin

Using heavy moisturiser to hydrate your skin

While keeping your skin moisturised while vacationing on the beach is important, picking the right moisturiser for this purpose is equally important! Using a thick moisturiser in hot and humid beach weather can clog the pores and make your skin greasy. It’s wise to swap heavy-duty moisturisers with a lightweight, gel-based one like the Pond’s Super Light Gel Oil Free Moisturiser With Hyaluronic Acid + Vitamin E. This lightweight gel moisturiser from Pond’s is enriched with hyaluronic acid and vitamin E and doesn’t feel sticky or greasy. A must-have if you ask us.