The skincare industry is forever buzzing with new treatments that promise to give you the skin of your dreams. While not all of them have been successful in proving their mettle, a few have gone on to become really popular and even get the celebrity stamp of approval.

One such treatment that seems to have garnered a lot of takers is facial cupping. An age-old method to improve blood circulation in the back, facial cupping is now used to give your skin a natural facelift. Ahead, everything you need to know about facial cupping, including how it is done and its benefits. Excited? Let’s get started…


What is facial cupping?

facial cupping

Facial cupping is a process that uses suction cups to stimulate dormant muscles on your face to deliver the effects of a facelift. It is a uniquely natural way to improve blood circulation, lymphatic drainage and promote cell repair. An age-old Chinese practice, facial cupping is an excellent way to relieve muscle tension and give your face a youthful glow.


What is the process like?

facial cupping

The first step, just like any other facial, is to cleanse and detox your skin thoroughly. After cleansing, apply a little serum or facial oil to give your skin a slightly slippery effect. This will make using the suction cups a lot easier. For a beginner, always start using the smallest size of the cups and leave the larger size for the pros. When starting out, do this treatment just once a day for five minutes, preferably with your nighttime skincare routine. Ensure that you use a cup on the area for no more than 10 to 15 seconds.

Note: Avoid trying this treatment at home if you have active acne.


What is the difference between normal cupping and facial cupping?

facial cupping

The most significant difference is that unlike body cups, facial cups aren’t static. Which means that they create enough stimulation to improve blood flow and promote lymphatic drainage. This is what gives your face a beautiful glow. Additionally, facial cupping uses just one cup which is moved around the entire face and left on for just a few seconds, whereas the body cupping method requires multiple cups, which can cause a lot of bruising.