Best Foundation For Dry Skin: Five Of The Best

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Best Foundation for Dry Skin: Five of the Best

How to find the best foundation for dry skin? Stick to the products with the balance of intensive hydration and perfect coverage. Read on and find your favourites! 

Best Foundation for Dry Skin: The Basics 

Your best foundation for dry skin in India is easy to find since you know how to pick up the coverage for dry skin type. Find all the tips below, then scroll down to the list of foundations we strongly recommend. 

  • The girls with dry skin type are blessed, because they don’t have to mask large pores, acne breakouts, and excess of sebum, like girls with oily skin type. For dry skin, you don’t need to care too much about blurring and mattifying your skin, as well as you don’t need very long lasting foundation for dry skin. Dry skin holds makeup better than any other skin type. 

  • What to look for in a foundation for dry skin? Of course, your skin requires extra hydration that you can take not only from moisturiser, but from foundation, too.  

  • Another important thing to remember, especially if you do full coverage foundation for dry skin, is looking for liquid and smooth textures with dewy finish. Too dry, heavy, and matte products can make your skin look cakey, highlight the fine lines, overdry your skin, and make you look older. You don’t need this effect, and to avoid it by all means, here are 5 best foundations for dry skin, that we carefully selected, and now recommend you. Scroll and check! 

5 of the Best Foundations for Dry Skin 

best foundation for dry skin lakme

Foundation #1: Lakmé Absolute Argan Oil Serum Foundation 

If you’re looking for the best foundation for dry skin with price that's affordable, has moisturising and nourishing formula, pay attention to Lakmé Absolute Argan Oil Serum Foundation. This hydrating foundation for dry skin is infused with pure argan oil to nourish dry skin and give it a radiant dewy look. 

How to Use 

To apply foundation on dry skin, first prepare your skin with moisturiser. After that, pump a dollop size of your serum foundation for dry skin, apply small dots of product on your face and neck. Blend the foundation with your fingertips, or a brush. If your skin is dry, use a narrow brush, and apply the product with smoothing motions.

best foundation for dry skin lakme

Foundation #2: Mix moisturiser with foundation 

Now you know which foundation is best for dry skin, but what if your foundation is not moisturising enough? How to adapt mattifying powder foundation for dry skin, for example, like Lakmé Absolute Mattreal Skin Natural Mousse, that hides pores and gives an even flawless makeup base? Just mix it with a moisturiser. 

How to Use 

You can mix your foundation cream for dry skin with a moisturiser, like Ponds Super Light Gel Oil Free Moisturiser, that contains vitamin E and hyaluronic acid for instant, long lasting hydration and a fresh glow. To mix your moisturiser with a foundation, add a pea sized amount of both products on your palm, mix with the brush and add the right quantity of each to get the best texture of tinted moisturiser for your skin. To get the best foundation cream for dry skin, that can cover blemishes and pigmentation, it’s usually recommended to take one-third of moisturiser and two-thirds of foundation.

best foundation for dry skin lakme

Foundation #3 Ponds BB+ Cream Instant Spot Coverage 

Want to have a moisturiser and a good foundation for dry skin in one bottle? That means, you need BB cream, like Ponds BB+ Cream Instant Spot Coverage for light and glowing makeup. The combination of vitamin enriched cream and light tint makes this product the best foundation for dry sensitive skin

How to Use 

This BB cream is recommended to apply with fingertips. When you slightly warm up the product on your skin, the coverage becomes more elastic and smooth, which is perfect for dry skin. Start with a pea sized-amount of BB cream and dot on your skin, then tap and gently blend with your fingers.

best foundation for dry skin lakme

Foundation #4: Lakmé Perfecting Liquid Foundation 

If you are looking for the best full coverage foundation for dry skin in India, that brightens your skin, covers blemishes and dark spots, you may like the Lakmé Perfecting Liquid Foundation with vitamin E and silicones for skin rejuvenation and replenish. It doesn’t highlight skin dryness and fine lines, gives your skin a feather like finish, but at the same time this is a long lasting and waterproof foundation for dry skin. 

How to Use 

If you have dehydrated and flaky skin, apply your best liquid foundation for dry skin with a narrow brush or a wet sponge from the centre to the sides of your face. Spread the product with delicate motions to not irritate dry skin. 

best foundation for dry skin lakme

Foundation #5: Lakmé Absolute Skin Dew Serum Foundation 

Looking for the moisturising foundation for dry skin in India? You may like the Lakmé Absolute Skin Dew Serum Foundation, infused with the goodness of hyaluronic acid and the power of niacinamide. This foundation hydrates and nourishes your skin, provides radiance and dewy finish. 

How to Use 

Pump the dollop size of foundation, dot on your face and neck, then blend the product in soft circular motions. To prevent your coverage from crease on dry skin, do not apply too much foundation, tap the product on your skin to create thin and smooth layer. 

FAQs about the Best Foundation for Dry Skin 

Q1 How to choose a foundation for dry skin in winter? 

Dry skin type is the most prone to damage and irritation during winter. How to keep it hydrated and make your coverage flawless? There are few secrets you should know: find the right foundation texture for winter, check winter makeup essentials for dry skin and the best foundations for winter in India, learn how to apply makeup on dry skin during winter and winter foundation tips to keep dryness at bay

Q2 What is the best foundation for dry skin in summer? 

Dry skin doesn’t have too large pores that produce a lot of sweat and sebum during hot summer days. That’s why you don’t need blurring and mattifying foundations for dry skin type, but you should pay attention to these 3 tips: 

  • Use moisturising products to avoid dehydration during hot summer. 

  • To reduce cakey effect, try lightweighted textures. 

  • Protect your skin with SPF, and prefer foundations with sunscreen. 

Q3 What foundation texture is the best for dry skin? 

If your skin lacks hydration, you should avoid dry powder, hard textured, or stick foundation for dry skin. Though, you can always add a moisturiser to dry textures, it’s better to choose creamy to liquid foundations with smooth texture and dewy finish. 

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