What Is A Serum Foundation And Why It Works For All Skin Types

Written by Lopa KNov 10, 2022
What is a Serum Foundation and Why it works for All Skin Types

You must have heard of serum foundations being all the rage now, but what is it? The newest technologies are helping us bust the old claims of makeup equals breakouts and bad skin as skincare products are making their way into makeup. Serum foundations take the much-needed ingredients of serums and add them to foundations so that you end up with hydrated and refreshed skin along with getting a flawless and even skintone.


The basics of serum foundation

FAQs about serum foundation

With even makeup junkies becoming more and more aware of the health of their face and the side effects of using too much makeup that causes breakouts or clogged pores, the beauty industry has just one-upped itself. Skinification of makeup has become the newest trend as we have the likes of moisturising lipsticks, non-comedogenic primers and serum foundations. 

Today, let’s take a look at serum foundations. They not only give you that perfect base with its full coverage, but also hydrate your face with their skin-loving ingredients. So, whether you have dry skin in winters or worried about your base looking cakey during the summers, a serum foundation is for you. Take the Lakme Absolute Skin Dew Serum Foundation for example which gives you a natural and dewy finish because of its serum-like ingredients. It not only keeps your face hydrated but also revitalizes it with the help of niacinamide and hyaluronic acid. 


Different types of foundation

FAQs about serum foundation


Powder foundation or compact was one of the first types of foundations to come into existence. It works well for those who have oily skin and can do wonders in the summer as it absorbs all the excess sweat. 


Cream foundations are a blessing in European countries where the dry weather crack our skin. If you have exceptionally dry skin or feel your face getting rough during the winter, a cream foundation will moisturise your face and give you a smooth finish. 


With tons of lightweight liquid foundations, this is your best bet when you need full coverage whether it is for a wedding or to cover that one nasty zit. And while it looks like liquid foundation is the only option that you may have, we can do you one better with the new serum foundations. 


A serum foundation kills two birds with one stone as it takes the usual serums and combines them with the most important makeup product out there – foundation. If you have acne-prone skin or dry skin or oily skin or basically any type of skin that is not normal, you know that you have to think twice before buying and wearing foundation. Well, the beauty gods have decided to save you from all that trouble and introduced serum foundations like the Lakme Absolute Skin Dew Serum Foundation.


Benefits of using serum foundation – the top 7

FAQs about serum foundation

1. Natural dewy finish 

Have you ever tried to do dewy makeup only for you to look like you are sweating after running a marathon? Well, if you have been envious of those runway models looking like their skin has a glassy and dewy finish, you can get that too. The key is to get a natural finish which you get with the serum foundation while the light reflect off the high points of your face to get that dewy illusion. 

2. Doubles up as a skincare product 

Even if you are not lazy, it can be tiring with the numerous steps of a skincare routine as well as the prepping stages before you can finally get a clear base for your makeup. But you just may be able to skip your serum as the Lakme Absolute Skin Dew Serum Foundation covers that part for you. Loaded with hyaluronic acid and niacinamide, no more worrying about breakouts or clogged skin after wearing foundation.  

3. Hydrates skin for 24 hours 

The hyaluronic acid will make this serum foundation your go-to as it prevents premature ageing while locking moisture in your skin. Go from dull and lifeless skin to a plump and smooth surface that is soft and hydrated for 24 hours. Another reason why this foundation lasts all day long is because it is sweat proof and transfer proof, perfect for an everyday look. 

4. Suitable for all skin types 

On the other hand, the niacinamide in the serum foundation not only soothes inflammations and acne, but it also defends your face from pollution and UV rays. It is also known to naturally even your skin tone and make it brighter since it can reduce blemishes. So, does this mean it works for sensitive and acne-prone skin? Yep. Does it work for dry skin? Yep. Does it work for oily skin? Double yep as it is lightweight and does not clog pores.

FAQs about serum foundation

5. Lightweight 

Have you ever tried copying the makeup of those beauty influencers on Instagram only for your face to look way too cakey in real life? Well, with this serum foundation, finally channel your inner beauty guru while your foundation stays smooth and smudge-free. Thanks to its lightweight formula, you will get that natural finish that foundations usually boast of without worrying about touching up. 

6. Matches your skin tone 

Did you also know that foundation is not just about finding a light or dark shade for your skin? If you have a cool undertone of a blueish or pinkish hue, warm foundations with red or yellow tints won’t work on you and vice versa. Well, you don’t have to worry about that as the Lakme Absolute Skin Dew Serum Foundation has 10 shades for each intensity and each undertone. 

7. Medium to full coverage 

Have you ever ended up buying two foundations because the heavy-duty one that you bought for your friend’s wedding is way too much for a daily look? Well, no more splurging once you get this serum foundation in your makeup pouch. Since it is buildable, you can apply just a little for a medium coverage. But if you need to go all out, it can even cover a tattoo or scar if need be. That’s not all as it actually is the same colour on your skin as it is in the tube. No more surprises when you buy a foundation only for you to look weird as the colour is way different from what you had expected. 


How to use serum foundation?

FAQs about serum foundation

The best part of using serum foundation is that it is pretty easy to apply too.  

  • Start off by shaking the tube well.  

  • Squeeze out a dollop on your palm and then dot it on your T-zone area i.e. the forehead, nose and chin.  

  • Take a soft brush and spread it in an outward motion till it covers your face. 

  • Finally, take a damp makeup sponge aka the beauty blender. And now start blending. Dab the foundation softly in circular motions till you are happy with the finish.


FAQs about serum foundation

FAQs about serum foundation

Q. Is serum foundation a skincare product? 

That is the beauty of it – it is a skincare product as well as a makeup product. It takes the best of both as it combines the usual serums to better your skin and foundation to even your skin tone and gives you both in one bottle.  

Q. Is serum foundation better than normal foundation? 

While nowadays most foundations do work hard at being suitable for all skin types and acne-prone skin, serum foundation goes one step ahead. It also has the benefits of a serum which means your skin can breathe and is hydrated despite you wearing a face full of makeup. 

Q. Is serum foundation good for oily skin? 

While it is a given that serum foundations hydrate dry skin, the Lakme Absolute Skin Dew Serum Foundation also works wonders for oily skin. It makes sure that your pores don’t get clogged and controls excess sebum thanks to the niacinamide in it.  

If you have ever been exhausted with the multiple steps of your skincare and makeup routine, serum foundations is your answer. Keep your face healthy and hydrated while still wearing your favourite makeup with the Lakme Absolute Skin Dew Serum Foundation.

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