Don’t Let That Workout Ruin Your Hair With These Hacks

Written by Sanya HamdaniSep 16, 2023
Don’t let that workout ruin your hair with these hacks

We know the struggles of dragging yourself out of the bed and taking your body to the gym every morning. Followed by a long hair wash because let’s be real, you can’t go out with sweaty and greasy hair.

If the daily hair wash and constant sweat from the work out is ruining your hair, fret not. Because you already have a million reasons to not go to the gym every morning and we’re here to make sure, that ruining your hair isn’t one.


Pony is not your only option

Avoid tight hair ties

Tying your hair in a high ponytail is not the only hairstyle you can walk into the gym in. Plus it leaves you with an ugly crimp that stays with you until the next hair wash. You can choose your hairstyle based on your workout. For Pilates you can tie your hair into a high bun whereas for a more intense workout session go with a loose braid and sweat band.


Dry shampoo to the rescue

Avoid tight hair ties

Spritz some dry shampoo on the roots before workout, post workout run your fingers through your hair and scalp to disperse the product that has absorbed all the grease. Your hair will look like it has just been washed!


Spritz some texturising spray

Avoid tight hair ties

If your perfectly straightened hair is already in waves due to a sweaty workout, spritz some texturizing spray to add volume. We prefer the Toni&Guy Casual : Sea Salt Texturising Spray which is perfect to add body and create tousled waves.


Use a mild shampoo

Avoid tight hair ties

If you are a cleanliness freak and cannot go a day without washing your hair, we recommend using a mild and gentle shampoo. The Tresemme Keratin Smooth With Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner effectively cleans hair, controls frizz and leaves you with smoother hair. Remember to completely rinse off shampoo and conditioner from your hair.


Avoid tight hair ties

Avoid tight hair ties

A tight hair tie will not only cause crease in your hair but it will also keep all the sweat trapped on your scalp. To avoid this you can use a large clip or a scrunchie which addresses the same problem without ruining your hair.

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