Listen up ladies, we’ve stumbled upon a beauty secret of mammoth proportions. Guess what it is—vodka! While drinking this spirit may not help your waistline or social behaviour in any way, using it externally is a whole different ball game. Don’t believe us? Once you see the amazing effects of vodka on your hair and skin, your doubt will disappear. After all, there’s a reason why every Russian woman considers this alcohol to be stapled in her beauty routine. Just ensure that you dilute vodka sufficiently with water when you use it in any beauty preparation.


For glowing skin

Vodka For Glowing Skin

Vodka can do a world of good to your skin. Not only does it tighten and brighten the face, it also unclogs pores to give glowing skin. To make a vodka based toner, combine 1 tablespoon of vodka with 2 tablespoons of distilled water and 2 drops each of rosemary and jojoba oil. Voila, you have a toner that gets rid of gunk and tightens pores. When used as a facial mist, it also soothes irritation and refreshes skin in an instant. What more could you ask for, eh?


For a clear face

Vodka For a Clear Face

You can now whip up a home remedy for clear skin using vodka! To do so, add half a teaspoon of vodka to a cup of brewed green tea. Dip a cotton ball in this mixture and apply on your face. The vodka tightens the skin while the green tea soothes on account of the catechins it contains. Together, this face mask will leave you with clear skin.


For shiny hair

Vodka For Shiny Hair

Vodka’s low pH level and acidic nature can reduce the high pH level of the hair to reduce frizz and close the hair cuticle. To pamper your hair with a vodka hair mask, combine 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise with 1 beaten egg, 1 tablespoon honey and 1 teaspoon of olive oil. To it add 10 ml of neat vodka. Apply it over your hair length, leave it for 20 minutes and wash it off with warm water. While the nourishing mayo, honey and oil will hydrate your hair, vodka and egg will get rid of scalp residue and leave you with shiny hair.


For fuller hair

Vodka For Fuller Hair

A mixture of honey, onion juice and vodka applied overnight on the scalp reduces hair fall by getting rid of toxins and bacteria. What’s more? It also promotes hair growth.


For a dandruff-free scalp

Vodka For a Dandruff-Free Scalp

If dandruff is interfering with your sanity and social life, this hair care potion might just be your salvation. Add a palm full of crushed rosemary to 1 cup of vodka. Let it stand for 2 days then strain and store the mixture in a bottle. Every week, massage the potion into your scalp and wash it off after 20 minutes. You’ll never hear from dandruff again!


For odour-free breath

Vodka For Odour-Free Breath

To get rid of bad breath with ease, combine 1 cup of vodka with 5 tablespoons of cinnamon powder. Let the mixture sit for a week. Once it has, strain away the particles. Add 1 tablespoon of this mixture to a cup of warm water and gargle your mouth with it every morning for fresh breath.


For clean feet

Vodka For Clean Feet

As the alcohol content in vodka can kill bacteria, it can also be used to reduce foot odour. To do so, soak your feet in a solution of cold water diluted with vodka or even wipe them with a cotton swab soaked in the mixture. It will get rid of any funky odour in a jiffy!


For a clean razor

Vodka For A Clean Razor

Vodka is also a great disinfectant. To clean your razor with it, dip it into a cup of vodka to prevent rusting and kill bacteria so that you have a smooth shave the next time around.