5 Reasons You Need To Invest In A Hand Cream Stat

Written by Team BBNov 30, 2023
5 reasons you need to invest in a hand cream STAT

We’re sure your skincare shelf is full of serums, sunscreens, and facial oils, but is that all there is to a good skincare routine? Let’s give you a reality check. Your hand’s age just as fast as your face, and they need to be moisturised too, especially after the brunt of the sanitisers they have been bearing, and the nip in the air threatening to drop temperatures further. Yes, we can see you furrowing your eyebrows in confusion. But it’s the truth, and so, it’s time to make space for a hand cream in your skincare arsenal.

Here are five reasons why you should invest in a hand cream ASAP.


01. Hydrates

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Think about it. How many times have you used your hands today? With the onset of winters, it’s only natural that your hands will feel dry and chapped. It doesn’t help that most of us indulge in excessive hand-washing and use our sanitisers way too frequently. But the oil ducts in our palms and fingers are significantly tinier than the rest of our body, and, hence, more prone to dryness. A hand cream minimises chafing, cracking, and wrinkling by restoring skin’s moisture, and hydrating your hands.


02. Keeps skin infections at bay

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Since your hands are the most used part of your body, it’s inevitable that they bleed, crack, and scar now and then. Without a protective layer of cream coating your hands, your skin becomes a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. This renders you susceptible to viral and bacterial infections. Hand cream is, literally, your armour against the world.


03. Nourishes the cuticles

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Your cuticles defend your nails against infections; however, this portion of the skin is bombarded with excessive water, dirt, and bacteria every day. A cuticle that lacks nourishment will not be able to prevent infections from penetrating the nails. Massaging this part of our skin with a few drops of cream is essential.


04. Fights signs of ageing

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Remember what we said? Our hands age at a faster pace, and they’re just as exposed to external elements as our faces. The back of our hands, in particular, have fewer sebaceous glands, and hence, dry faster. If neglected, they will begin to display signs of pigmentation, wrinkling, and dehydration early on. Just a little hand cream can prevent the effects of ageing by enhancing skin elasticity and moisturising it.


05. Relieves stress

Relieves stress

There’s something about the act of massaging our fingers that feels almost therapeutic. Whether it’s an exhausting day at work or an uneventful week that doesn’t seem to end, investing in yourself by indulging in little acts of self-care - like kneading your palms and fingers - can truly calm your nerves, ease your anxieties, and in turn, contribute to your overall well-being.

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