Everything You Need To Know About Guava Benefits For Skin

Written by Lopa KNov 03, 2022
Everything You Need to Know About Guava Benefits for Skin

The benefits of guava leaves are manifold. Boiling the leaves and drinking the water reduces bad cholesterol, helps in processing carbohydrates and also aids weight loss. Phew! On top of that, the tea made out of its leaves helps our eyesight and manages blood sugar levels. The leaves are also high in antioxidants that help boost the immune system. But that’s not all! It equally acts as a super ingredient if you end up adding it to your skincare routine. 


Guava benefits for skin: the basics

FAQs about guava benefits for skin

Who hasn’t plucked guava from its tree while visiting their grandparents and chomped on it in their childhood? But did you know that it is also a skin superfood, and a single dose of guava benefits your skin and hair in ways you cannot even fathom? Whether you juice it, mash it and apply or just consume it raw, this fruit can be your shortcut to healthy and glowing skin from evening your skin tone to preventing premature ageing. 


Benefits of guava for skin: all you need to know

FAQs about guava benefits for skin

Improves your complexion 

Say goodbye to blemishes and hyperpigmentation with just your regular pink guava. It improves your complexion by infusing it with radiance and freshness. Prepare a DIY face scrub to beautify your skin and get rid of dead skin cells. Start by mashing some guava and whip it with an egg yolk. Apply on the face and let it sit for about 20 minutes. Massage and rinse with warm water. The seeds in the fruit work as excellent exfoliators to remove impurities, dead skin cells and evening skin tone

Helps with UV protection 

Guava benefits are many thanks to the antioxidants in it. It gives them the power to protect you from sun damage. It also has Lycopene, and while it sounds fancy it acts the same way as your sunscreen. This compound not only prevents UV rays damage but also deals with the usual pollution

Anti-ageing properties 

Your most significant chance of fighting signs of ageing is to enrich your diet with antioxidant-rich foods. And guess which fruit is an antioxidant? Yep, the nutrients of guava fight free radical damage in your skin, keeping it glowing and free from premature lines and wrinkles. They are also rich in vitamin A, B, C and potassium, which are all known detoxifiers. 


Natural skin toner

FAQs about guava benefits for skin

There are a couple of natural astringents that exist in nature, and unripe guava is one of them. Washing your face with a decoction of the same can leave your skin toned, fresh and wrinkle-free. They are also packed with vitamins, minerals and nutrients that work on tightening loose skin. They also help with ridding your skin of blemishes and redness. 

Treats acne and dark spots 

It is not just the fruit of the guava tree that works wonders on your skin, you can also utilise the leaves in your beauty routines as the benefits of guava leaves include fighting acne. If your skin suffers from acne and dark spots, use guava leaf paste as a spot treatment daily and watch your skin transform! 


Hydrates your skin

FAQs about guava benefits for skin

If you are lazy and forget to drink your daily dose of eight glasses of water, we’ve got you on that front too! Guava benefits also include hydrating your body since the fruit itself is made of 81% water. Munching on this fruit daily can help release water in your body slowly, keeping your skin cells saturated in moisturising nutrients. 

It treats blackheads and itchiness 

Another way you can reap the benefits of guava leaves is to turn them into a DIY scrub that gets rid of blackheads. Blend the leaves and mix with water, making a paste with a thick consistency. Use this scrub on your nose and cheeks to remove blackheads. Guava leaves also protect you from allergies, so it is perfect for the flu season! 

Controls oily skin 

Oily skin brings with it woes like acne, whiteheads and blackheads. Guava leaves strip the skin of excess sebum which in turn makes sure your face is acne-free. Use a face mask made out of guava leaves and lemon once a week. The leaves together with the natural astringent in lemon juice will help control the oiliness. 


Treats a variety of skin ailments

FAQs about guava benefits for skin

There is a reason guavas are so revered for their beauty benefits. This is because of the fact that the fruit is rich in vitamin C. It regenerates skin and promotes collagen production, making your skin firm and elastic. It is also one of the rare foods that contain vitamin K. Now this helps improve blood coagulation, alleviating redness and irritation. In turn, it helps your skin eradicate common problems like dark circles, spider veins, rosacea, and splotches.  


Uses of guava for skin

FAQs about guava benefits for skin

1. Guava face mask  

This quick and easy guava face mask can be used once a week to make your skin glow and freshen up those dull and dry patches! Mix mashed guava, yoghurt, a banana and a few drops of honey. Apply on your face for about 30 minutes and when dry, wash off with lukewarm water. Follow up with a light moisturiser.  

2. Guava leaf tea 

Add a couple of guava leaves to boiling water for 10 minutes. Let it cool and then strain it. This tea works best when had on an empty stomach. You can even consume it every day for overall health.


FAQs about guava benefits for skin

FAQs about guava benefits for skin

Q. How do you select good quality guavas? 

While shopping for guavas, make sure that you pick fresh ones with their skins even and without any cuts, bruises or patches. When buying pink guavas, press and hold them in your palm to check for firmness and make sure there are no soft spots. You should also pick ones that have a slightly yellow tinge on their skin; this means they are at just the right stage of ripeness. 

Q. How should you store guavas safely? 

Guavas make an excellent superfood to keep handy as they can be stored for long periods. They last for up to two to five days when kept refrigerated. 

Q. Do guavas make you gain weight? 

No, guavas do not make you gain weight. On the contrary, they are a rich source of vitamins and fibre; and regulate your gut health to make you lose weight. It helps improve your metabolism and also makes for a filling snack; satiating your hunger pangs immediately. They are also one of the few fruits that have lesser sugar content when compared to other popular options like apples and grapes. 

Well, with there being so many guava benefits what are you waiting for? Whether you eat it, drink its tea or apply it to your face, it is definitely worth adding it to your skincare routine and lifestyle. 

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