First things first – everybody sweats.

Sweating is the body’s way of regulating its temperature. Whether you’re performing a physical activity, walking under the sun or simply in a warm room, you tend to sweat and it’s perfectly normal. However, it’s the awful smell that comes with sweating that’s the real cause of embarrassment.

Although your sweat is generally odourless, the bacteria build-up on your sweaty skin leads to a reaction that causes the unpleasant smell. Read on as we take you through a detailed guide on what you can do to prevent body odour and smell fresh all through the day…


01. Shower with an antibacterial soap

01.	Shower with an antibacterial soap

It’s really important to take a shower every day if you want to effectively combat body odour. Regular showers help wash away sweat and odour-causing bacterias. But using only water isn’t enough; always use a bar of antibacterial soap as these are specially formulated to get rid of bacteria. Thoroughly wash areas that are more prone to sweat, such as underarms and feet.


02. Use an antiperspirant

02.	Use an antiperspirant

Right after a shower, use some antiperspirant such as the Rexona Shower Fresh Underarm Odour Protection Roll On in your underarms. The product targets the areas where bacteria thrive and will keep you smelling clean all day.


03. Watch your diet

03.	Watch your diet

The food you consume plays a major role in determining how your body functions. Consuming certain kind of food can contribute to body odour. For instance, the smell of onions and garlic seeps out through the pores when you sweat. Consuming beverages with high caffeine content can cause more sweating too. Try to consume these foods in moderation, and you’ll definitely see a change in body odour.


04. Wear clean, breathable clothes

04.	Wear clean, breathable clothes

It is important to wear a fresh pair of clothes, especially socks, every day. Try and avoid synthetic fabrics as they cling to your body and make you sweat more. Stick to wearing breathable fabrics to prevent the sweat from building up.