This is one of those things that so many go through, but no one really wants to talk about it — having hair on the nose. Even though it's a completely natural process, having hair on the nose can often be a little embarrassing for those who have it, and they're always seeking out new ways to remove hair from the nose. If you're someone who hates having tiny little hair on your nose, we've figured out some of the best ways on how to remove hair from your nose.

But before we get started on figuring out how to remove hair from your nose, let's understand what they actually are. Not to be confused with blackheads, which can sometimes bear a resemblance, there are a couple of types of hair that can grow on the tip of the nose. The first kind is vellus hair. Fine, almost-transparent hair that absorbs sweat and regulates body temperatures, vellus hair covers most of the body and the face. In fact, if you zoom in a little closer, you might see your nose and your face covered with tiny vellus hair. These ones almost always go unnoticed, though, so if your only trouble is vellus hair on your nose, we'd say you're more or less in the safe-zone.

The second type of hair that may sprout up on your nose is terminal hair... and this one's the one usually causing trouble. More noticeable than its counterpart, terminal hair is stronger, longer, and thicker. It's also the kind of hair that grows on your head, so you know that it's definitely here to steal the limelight. But regardless of whether you want to get rid of your vellus hair or your terminal hair, or even both, know that there are quick and easy ways to get rid of the hair from your nose, without encountering any hiccups along the way. Ahead, we're listing down all the ways on how to remove the hair from your nose.


How to Remove Hair From Nose

How to Remove Hair From Nose


1. Shaving

1. Shaving for nose hair

You know, for all the times that women were told not to shave their face, shaving has really turned out to be our saving grace. A quick, seamless way to get rid of the hair on your nose, shaving removes both vellus and terminal hairs. Follow all the regular rules of shaving your face — using a fresh razor, using a razor designed for the face, using a shaving cream — and go forth and get rid of the unwanted hairs already.

The only drawback here is that shaved hair tends to grow back as quickly as it’s removed, so you may be stuck with maintenance every couple of days. And there is always the added risk of getting nicked by your razor blade. But hey, as long as you're careful, we say it's a small price to pay for a hairless nose!


2. Tweezing

02. Tweezing for nose hair

For as long as we can remember, tweezers have been our ride or die. Ingrown hair? Tweeze it out. One-off extra hair under the brow? Tweeze it out. Hair on the nose? Well, you already know the answer to this one, don't you? This method works best if you've got a few stray terminal hairs on your nose, otherwise, it could be quite time-consuming. And if you're a regular for tweezing out your brows anyway, just incorporate top-of-the-nose hair removal into your routine — plus, if you do it right, you're looking at a hairless nose for around 2-6 weeks.


3. Laser Hair Removal

03. Laser Hair Removal

A lot of women use laser hair removal for their face, especially if they've got terminal hair in undesirable locations — and this can include your nose, too. The bonus here is that it's an effective, long-lasting way of getting rid of the hair on your nose, and can go a long way in skincare. There are a few downsides to laser hair removal for the top of the nose, though; first up, it does not work on vellus hair. Disappointing, we know, but tiny, light coloured hair doesn't fall under the radar of the device, so if your only goal is to remove those, you're better off with one of the former choices.

Second, anyone who has ever gotten laser hair removal will know — it's expensive. You'll shell out big bucks on this procedure, and it takes around 4-6 sittings for it to properly work, and even then, it's semipermanent. If you're not willing to splurge on this, this one's probably not for you.


4. Electrolysis

04. Electrolysis

Finally, a permanent way to remove hair on the nose! Electrolysis is a form of hair removal that's usually carried out by a dermatologist or an aesthetician, and is super effective in getting rid of the hair on the nose. However, while it may be a cheaper alternative to laser hair removal, it can actually trigger reactions on sensitive skin, and is a pretty painful procedure. If you're willing to withstand a few painful sessions for permanent hair-on-the-nose removal, though, this may just be the treatment for you. Now that we've covered how to get rid of hair from the nose, let's turn to something a little more controversial — how not to remove hair from the nose.

The internet is a strange, weird place full of strange, weird life hacks — all of which would have us believe that by using just a few DIY tactics, you can get rid of the hair on your nose. Is this an effective way to go about it, though? No! Ranging from unhelpful to straight-up harmful, read on for the ways to not remove the hair from your nose.


How to Not Remove Hair From Nose

How to Not Remove Hair From Nose


1. Waxing

Waxing for nose hair

While it's great for stubborn hair all over your body and can be used with caution for certain parts of your face, waxing the hair off your nose is a strict no-no. This is because the hair needs to be much longer for this method to be effective, so if you spend your time trying to wax the hair from your nose, we hate to break it to you, but it's going to be futile.

Save the waxing strips for something else, and stick to one of the more efficient ways to remove hair from your nose.


2. Pore Strips

02. Pore Strips

As mentioned earlier, sometimes, it's easy to confuse hair on the nose with blackheads — but that doesn't mean the treatment for both is the same! Pore strips are designed to remove dirt, blackheads, and dead skin from the nose, not the hair. And if you think your pore strips will aid with hair removal, we've got some disappointing news for you.

When removed correctly, they don't grip the hair, and therefore, are unable to remove it. But if you think you can wax off the hair using your pore strips by removing them quickly, you'll only be damaging your skin and risking irritation, infection, and inflammation.


3. Hair Removal Cream

03. Hair Removal Cream

Hair removal creams (or gels or lotions) may be effective on some areas that aren't sensitive, but girl, we're talking about your face here! Hair removal creams contain certain ingredients that can be especially harsh on sensitive skin, and in some cases, even cause chemical burns. In case you needed a reminder, your face (and nose) are one of the most sensitive parts of your body — and you don't want to trigger any reactions, do you? Plus, can you imagine the acrid stench that hair removal creams have, wafting up your nose and making your eyes burn? I think we'll pass on this one.

Whatever your go-to way to removing hair on the nose may be, make sure that it’s not something that’s ineffective, or something that can do serious damage. Also, make sure that you don’t remove the hair inside your nose! While trimming overgrown strands is one thing, those hairs exist to protect you from bacterial infections, so whatever you do, keep them on! And remember, it’s super easy to remove the hair from your nose – you just need to have the right method to it.