How To Treat Oily Skin At Home

Written by Dayle PereiraJun 19, 2017
How To Treat Oily Skin At Home
Regardless of what season it is, we all love the feeling of supple, hydrated skin. However, when you have oily skin, this feeling might be hard to come by. While your skin may be manageable on most days, on others it seems greasy and untameable. Even though many people suffer from it, oily skin care can be quite tricky. So if you’re wondering about how to get rid of oil skin at home, here are a few helpful tips…

Make hygiene a priority

Oily skin needs to be handled with care and for that, you need to practice a little more hygiene than usual. Set aside a separate towel solely for your face. Sleep on silk pillowcases and sheets that you change every week. Sanitize items that come in contact with your face such as your cell phone and makeup brushes and ensure that you clean their surfaces regularly.

Choose gel based products over oil based products

The addition of oil based products into an oily skin care routine will only aggravate the condition. Hence, opt for products with a gel base which is gentler on your skin and will allow it to breathe. That’s why we love the Lakmé Absolute Skin Gloss Range. Start with a gentle cleanser to get rid of dirt from deep within the pores, then follow it up with the Lakmé Absolute Skin Gloss Reflection Serum whose mineral-laden glacial water revitalises your skin to give it a natural shine. Before going to bed be generous while using the Lakmé Absolute Skin Gloss Overnight Mask on your face. It is potent enough to replenish and repair your skin while you sleep and undo the day’s damage.

Hands off

Your hands come in contact with many objects and surfaces over the course of the day. Naturally, they become carriers of bacteria and germs which are then transferred to your face when you touch it. Therefore, make it a habit to wash your hands often and sanitize when possible. In addition, make a conscious effort to keep your hands away from your face.

Drink more water

When your skin is dehydrated, it produces natural oils to coat your face—that’s how you get oily skin. Since your body consists of 60% water, the solution to preventing this is simple—keep yourself hydrated! Drink 2 to 3 litres of water per day and keep a bottle of water handy wherever you go. This will ensure that you’re replacing all the fluids your body has lost through perspiration, and in the long run, play a part in keep your skin oil-free.

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