How To Use Rice Flour For Your Skin

Written by Dayle PereiraMay 29, 2019
How to use rice flour for your skin
For centuries, Asian women have been coveted for their lustrous complexions, one of the most defining features of the orient. Their porcelain tones have appealed to women all over the globe which makes us wonder... what is the skin secret of Asian women for their bright, beautiful faces? Believe it or not, it is a humble bowl of rice flour.

What is rice flour?

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When rice is reaped and cleaned from its husk, it is segregated, washed and dried. This rice grain is then ground with a millstone or a blender into a finely milled powder. This powder is rice flour which is used for a variety of baking, cooking and even beauty purposes. It was said that stunning Geishas in yesteryear Japan depended on rice flour to maintain their skin, even though they constantly wore makeup.


What are the benefits of rice flour?

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Rice contains a great deal of para aminobenzoic acid, ferulic acid and allantoin. Para aminobenzoic acid serves as a good sunscreen and increases the absorption of Vitamin C in the body. Ferulic acid is an anti-oxidant and allantoin is inflammatory in natures and repairs the skin.

How can you use rice flour for your skin?

Rice flour can be used in a number of ways for the skin. Even the water in which rice is uncooked in is full of nutrients and can be used as a toner and a rinse for the face. Rice flour is highly beneficial to make your skin lustrous and taut.

How to make a rice flour mask

To make a rice flour mask for radiant skin, mix 2 tablespoons of rice flour with 1 teaspoon of milk & 1 pinch of turmeric.

Apply this paste over your face, leave it for 30 minutes and then wash it off with warm water.

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