Love rocking tank tops, sleeveless dresses or a bangin’ bikini? So what’s stopping you from slipping into them this summer? Dark patches on your underarms? Read on to know what causes them and how you banish them.
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Shave me not
Some people prefer to shave off their underarm hair. Sure, it’s less painful and saves time, but it can lead to dark patches on your underarms. When you shave, you cut off hair including part of the hair follicle and surrounding tissues. If your hair is darker than your skin colour (and it mostly is), it gives the appearance of a dark stain when it’s actually sub-surface hair. Also, shaving can lead to skin irritation which can then lead to darkening of the skin. The best way to put an end to this is to wax.

D for deo
Sometimes, the deodorant you use may contain ingredients that can react with the skin to cause discolouration. What do you do in such cases? Switch your deodorant. Opt for a deodorant that promises to lighten your underarm area. We recommend the Dove Whitening deodorant that contains ¼ Moisturising Cream that helps repair skin damage caused due to hair removal and nourishes your skin deeply to help remove dark patches.

Something medical about it
According to most dermatologists, dark patches or spots on the underarms are the result of dead skin cells trapped on your skin. In such cases, it’s best to exfoliate your underarms, preferably with a product containing lactic acid. In some cases, hyperpigmentation, a condition that causes your skin to produce the pigment melanin in excess, can also spread to your underarms. In case this is the problem, it’s best to consult a dermatologist who will advise you on the correct mode of treatment.