Like most people, you’re probably focusing all your attention on your mane this monsoon—trying to keep the frizz at a minimum without saturating it with products. But where does that leave your skin which is subject to the soaring levels of humidity, not to mention the pollutants present in rainwater? With the right face wash, you can give your skin the pampering and attention it craves.
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The most important step to getting a flawless skin tone this season is cleansing. It doesn’t get any simpler than that.  However, over cleansing your face will result in you stripping your sensitive skin of essential proteins and lipids, leaving you with a lacklustre skin tone. What you need is a solution that combines the benefits of cleansing while maintaining moisture in your skin.

Dove’s Deep Pure Beauty FaceWash is the perfect defence for your skin against dirt and excess sebum which is a given during the monsoon months. The face wash gently cleanses out your skin by penetrating deep within the pores to purify the surface, so you’re left with a soft and clear complexion.

Going one step further, the fluffy micro-puffs present in the product protects you from pimples and acne, which is really the last thing you want to spot this season.

What this leaves you with is a radiant complexion that is in no serious need of heavy makeup. Dress your face with simple kajal, a lip balm and oodles of confidence and you’ll look ravishing even as the rain pours down.