The festive season is upon us and our to-do lists are choc-a-block with tasks. From decorating the house to doing our hair; a packed social calendar lies ahead of us. That’s exactly why, we cannot afford to forget our skin. So come mid December, we’re relying on the goodness of cocoa to see us through the festive season. With its luminescent properties and nourishing touch, cocoa is just what we need to show your skin some love…

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You don’t need to tell us twice about chocolate, the indulgent ingredient that makes up most of our desserts. So imagine your skin getting enriched with cocoa; the core ingredient chocolate comprises of. Originating from cacao beans; it serves as a moisturizer, an agent that repairs the skin and an excellent anti-oxidant. All in all, cocoa not only nourishes the skin but gives it a glow that is worthy of flaunting this festive season. Another by-product of the cacao bean is cocoa butter. Filled to the brim with anti-oxidants, omega 3 and omega 6, cocoa butter is right for the causes of anti-aging, stretch marks and anti-scarring. Being especially effective even on the most dry skin types; it also evens out the skin’s texture and elasticity.

Those being just a few of the ingredients in the Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Glow, you can only imagine what a power packed performer it is. From the word go, this is the best lotion for winter as it begins the hard work of hydrating your skin. Besides being the best moisturizer for dry skin that is out there, it’s delicious cocoa fragrance envelops you completely. Its emollients lock the moisture within, leaving behind nothing but smooth, supple skin.

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So if you’re all set to flaunt radiance from within this festive season, here’s a few skincare tips that will banish all your skincare problems in winter and get that supple, soft skin you’ve only dreamed of…

Cleanse your skin of any makeup before you call it a night and prep it with a rich moisturizer that will hydrate your skin as you sleep.

Avoid desserts with large amounts of sugar and instead opt for nut based ones with cashews and almonds.

Treat your moisturizing lotion as the holy grail of your beauty products as it is responsible for your radiant skin. Make sure you include a moisturizing lotion like the Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Glow which contains cocoa butter which will nourish away all your dryness and make you a glowing goddess during the festive season.


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