The Double Efficacy Of Cleansers With Facial Cleansing Brush

Written by Anushka ShahAug 04, 2022
The Double Efficacy of Cleansers with Facial Cleansing Brush

Proper cleansing is one of the most important steps of skin care, because it helps to achieve bright even complexion, remove all makeup and pollution, unclog your pores, and prevent acne breakages. How to find the best cleanser for your face? Pay attention to active ingredients in the composition, pick up gentle formulas that don’t dehydrate or irritate your skin, and avoid unwanted or potentially comedogenic parts, like silicones, parabens, or dyes. What else can bring the efficacy of your cleansing routine to the next level? Definitely, the use of your cleanser with the facial cleansing brush.  

Wondering what cleansing product you can combine with a facial cleansing brush to get the best results? You don’t necessarily need a new skin care tool, because here is an answer in the form of a very effective cleansing product with a built-in brush applicator that matches your needs perfectly. Read on to know all about it! 

What is a cleansing brush combined with a cleansing foam product? 

Pond’s foaming face wash already has a built-in applicator brush and can be used anytime you want to get glowy, deeply cleansed and refreshed skin. This super product can serve you daily and always be at hand when required on-the-go. Forget about a facial cleansing brush that needs battery recharge or requires a certain cleanser you might forget to buy. You can have all the benefits you need perfectly matching in one product!  

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Pond's Bright Beauty Foaming Brush Facewash 

Pond's Bright Beauty Foaming Brush Facewash is a cleansing product with an in-built brush applicator that is designed to work together and provide multiple benefits: 

  • Light and foamy cleanser with brush doesn’t just cleanse but also make your skin glow 

  • It contains Vitamin B3 that helps remove dead skin cells by deep pore cleansing  

  • Added benefits of Niacinamide treat acne and hyperpigmentation, minimise large pores, fine lines, and wrinkles, slow ageing processes, regulate oil production and grow protective lipid skin barrier 

  • Using a product with built-in silicone applicator brush helps to massage, exfoliate, and cleanse your skin thoroughly  

  • This gentle and effective cleanser does not contain silicones and parabens, harsh SLS and dyes to make sure your skin is protected  

  • Deep pore cleansing with this facial cleansing brush helps reach an even and glowing skin effortlessly  

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Pond’s Pure Detox Foaming Brush Facewash For Clear Glow 

You can also use another option — Pond’s Pure Detox Foaming Brush Facewash For Clear Glow for gentle exfoliation and removing impurities. It is a one-stop-shop for pure face detox! Learn all the benefits of this product:  

  • The cleanser formula contains activated charcoal that helps remove dirt and impurities with gentle exfoliation  

  • Light weighted foamy face wash with the brush applicator helps achieve pure glowing skin 

  • This cleanser reduces acne breakages, large pores, and excess oil production; purifies and protects your skin 

  • Foaming face wash is upgraded with a built-in applicator brush with soft bristles that gently massage and exfoliate your skin 

  • Face wash with the brush helps to remove dead skin cells to give your face the true detox it requires  

  • The product formula without silicones and parabens, SLS and colour helps to deep cleanse and provide a soft skin massage 

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How to use facial cleansing brush combined with cleanser? 3 easy steps 

  1. Pump up the foaming face wash. Its formula transforms into a foamy texture when wet — add a little water to your brush-head and watch it work wonders 

  2. Gently massage the foam all over your face and neck with the help of the built-in soft brush 

  3. Rinse and enjoy your glow! Make your simple cleansing ritual regular 

Are facial cleansing brushes good for my skin: TOP-10 benefits of using cleanser with brush 

Pond’s foaming brush facewash products have a number of advantages for those who want to get glowing and clear skin fast: 

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1. Cleanser with a facial cleansing brush gives glow and balances skin tone 

Exfoliating your skin with the face wash brush and cleanser will do wonders to even out a patchy skin tone and will help to create a uniform, luminous skin tone if used on a regular basis. 

2. Face wash brush cleanser provides gentle exfoliation 

The pressure of a facial cleansing brush is more than what one's fingers provide without being too abrasive. That’s how you can get gentle yet effective exfoliation and cleansing. 

3. Deep cleansing with facial cleansing brush 

The soft bristles of the built-in silicone brush allow the user to upgrade the cleansing level to deep. Hence, it goes deeper within the skin’s top layer (the epidermis) to clear out grime, dead skin cells and clogged pores effectively. 

4. Face cleanser with brush boosts blood circulation and encourages cellular regeneration  

The gentle cleansing and massaging help to increase blood flow to the face and to oxygenate your skin, which in turn encourages cellular regeneration (where dead skin is removed, revealing fresh skin cells and a more glowing look). 

5. Facial cleansing brush allows deeper product penetration  

The face wash active formula will be able to penetrate your skin at a deeper level, meaning an improved skin-cleansing ritual all around. 

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6. Face brush cleansing reduces the appearance of pores  

Regular exfoliation with your cleanser and a facial cleansing brush will provide a tightening effect on your skin and its regular use will also shrink the appearance of enlarged pores over time, especially for oily and combination skin type.  

7. Cleanser with a facial cleansing brush tackles acne more effectively 

Because you are exfoliating regularly, pores tend to get less clogged, and this helps to control acne and pimple breakouts. The cleanser and brush combo helps to remove debris and toxins from the outer layer of the skin, therefore reducing the possibility of acne and spots. 

8. The product gives your skin a good massage 

Give your skin a gentle massage as you exfoliate the dead skin. The massaging technique boosts circulation and helps with the production of collagen, giving your skin greater elasticity, and a fresher look and feel.  

9. More hygienic than regular face washing 

Just take care of your facial cleansing brush and keep it in good condition: it is easy to clean and infinitely more hygienic than the old school way of washing your face. 

10. Travel-friendly 

The 2-in-1 facial cleansing brush with cleanser is one of the beauty gadgets for those on the move — an added bonus is that it is portable enough to stash in one's bag when travelling so that you can have beautiful glowing skin wherever you choose to be in the world. 

So, what are you waiting for? Pick up the best facial cleansing brush combined with cleanser for your skin type, include it in your regular beauty routine, and enjoy the benefits. 

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